Welcomemat gives NFL athletes a promising business opportunity through franchising

Atlanta, March 22 & 23.

Welcomemat Services partnered with Ascending Athletes at their business symposium event in Atlanta Georgia to give former & current athletes from NFL, MLB, NBA and other professional leagues a look into franchising as a potential next move in their careers.

The event which was held in Atlanta on March 22nd and 23rd was attended by several former and current athletes who are considering business ownership and franchising. Attendees were able to talk about their specific business goals while learning about some of the fastest growing franchise brands in the nation.

Welcomemat’s attendance at the event points to the strength of the franchising model for individuals who have trained their entire life to follow systems and excel within a structured framework. Welcomemat recognizes the potential of these athletes and their already instilled attitude of strong team work and passion for what they want to achieve. As a business-to-business franchise system, Welcomemat Services franchisees work directly with local businesses in their communities.

Along with Ascending Athletes, Welcomemat has a core focus that is built around helping people succeed.

Ascending Athletes is a dedicated organization that supports athletes in achieving their business goals.

Welcomemat Services is a marketing and strategy company designed to help local businesses grow by reaching out to new movers in the community. Welcomemat’s franchise system was recently named #366 in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500.