Welcomemat ranks the top 10 Zip Codes for Pizza Restaurants

February 9, 2017.

Today is National Pizza Pie Day and we are honoring the countless pizza restaurant owners across the country who work hard to keep our love alive through their great local pizza restaurants.

“Who doesn’t love pizza? It’s easy to share with your family or enjoy yourself,” said Brian Mattingly, CEO of Welcomemat Services. “We decided to have a little fun to celebrate the pizza holiday by analyzing our internal data and provide our rankings of where pizza popularity is highest. We’ve also partnered with different pizzerias around the country to recognize the top ten pizza neighborhoods by zip code.”

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Scoring of the Top Ten U.S. ‘Pizza Hoods’ in 2016 was determined by internal data on number of redemptions for free pizza gifts through Welcomemat Services as well as the number and strength of pizza restaurants and businesses in each zip code covered by the brand. By cross-referencing the data in these elements from a sample size of markets where Welcomemat operates throughout the U.S., Welcomemat was able to finalize their ranking of the Top Ten U.S. ‘Pizza Hoods’ in 2016.

Topping the list was Frisco, Texas, a suburb of Dallas, and rounding out the top ten rankings is Bloomington, Indiana, with both Michigan and Texas each earning two neighborhoods on the list.

Did your neighborhood make the list?

Check the rankings here.

The rankings were also featured in Restaurant News and Restaurant Magazine.