Welcomemat services discusses dental vm marketing

Feb 9, 2016

Twenty five years ago, it was pretty simple for dentists to find new patients without advertising. There usually were only one or two dentists per town and practitioners could count on their existing clients to refer their friends and family to their offices. Insurance companies were great referral sources as well.

Today, says Dental Success Marketing President Dr. Irivin Lubis, this just isn’t true. With over 153,000 dentists practicing in the United States and insurance plans now offering more options for patient care, it can be incredibly difficult to find new patients. Lubis’ suggestion? Direct consumer marketing. “One in four new dentist clients today are there because they were targeted by direct marketing.” Today’s dentistry market is filled with more options for consumers.

Welcomemat Services, Inc.  agrees. Welcomemat Services is an Atlanta-based loyalty marketing firm that specializes in bringing new movers together with local businesses. The company sends out a monthly mailing to specifically-targeted new movers by zip code, featuring up to 14 gift check offers from all types of businesses. These businesses can include anything from fine dining restaurants to medical care providers. Welcomemat has success with its unique package because of its customization and upscale appearance.

Belle Hall Dentistry of Mt. Pleasant, S.C. is one of Welcomemat’s many success stories. The office began mailing in November of 2004, targeting an average of 389 new movers each month. Belle Hall offers new movers a gift of $100 towards zoom whitening or complimentary whitening trays with initial cleaning. Their redemptions have been outstanding.

“We are pleased with the new faces we see every month,” said Wes Thrift of Belle Hall Dentistry. “For a relatively low cost, we get a new set of loyal customers.”

Welcomemat President Brian Mattingly says, “A dentist is something that everyone must have and starts to look for when they move. Without friends to refer them, many new movers look for different ways to pick a dentist. A well-presented, timely offer from a dental service provider delivers the next-best thing to a friendly referral, and shows them where to go.”

For more information about Welcomemat Services, please visit www.welcomematservices.com

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