Welcomemat services discusses dry cleaner marketing

The process of moving from one house to another can often be messy. Boxes, toys and clothes end up being scattered, misplaced and wrinkled. By the time a new mover gets settled in and pulls out his or her favorite suit for that first day of work at the new job, they usually find that their favorite suit needs a good dry cleaning. The question then becomes where they will take their garments for this service.

If the new mover has received a welcome package from Welcomemat Services, the decision of what dry cleaner to use becomes a lot easier. Welcomemat Services is a loyalty marketing firm that specializes in connecting new movers to local businesses. The company sends out a monthly mailing to specifically-targeted new movers by zip code, featuring gift check offers from local businesses. These businesses can include anything from dry-cleaning services to Mexican restaurants and local museums.

“Our dry cleaning clients have great success with our program because a dry-cleaning service is something that everyone needs,” said Welcomemat Services Pmover Brian Mattingly. “Being a new mover can make you feel a bit unsure of what businesses to frequent, but dry-cleaning services who use the Welcomemat program can successfully invite a new mover to test their service.  Because the new mover doesn’t have a loyalty elsewhere, once they’ve been provided with great dry-cleaning service, they will keep coming back.”

Frank Deaton, owner of Charlotte’s Cunningham and Holiday Cleaners, can attest to the power of Welcomemat’s program. Deaton offers new movers $15 of free dry cleaning and receives an average redemption rate of 12%. “At first I was skeptical about Welcomemat Services, Inc. but now I am a true believer. The Welcomemat has increased my business significantly and has helped me build up new loyal clients each month through their highly targeted new mover program.”

Deaton says the most beneficial Welcomemat service is database tracking. Each gift check is imprinted with a patent-pending barcode that can be used to capture demographic information about each new client. Welcomemat provides Deaton with a database report on a monthly basis. “Anyone interested in growing their business should consider Welcomemat an extremely powerful marketing tool at a cost effective price.”

For more information about Welcomemat Services please visit www.welcomematservices.com