Welcomemat services discusses hair salon marketing

When a person moves from one city to another, or even just to the other side of town, he or she starts looking for new places to frequent. They will probably want to find a new favorite restaurant, a new coffee shop and they will definitely be looking for a new place to get a haircut.

One in five people move every year, which means many salons will lose 20% of their client base. The key for new mover and salons is being able to connect with one another.

This is where Welcomemat Services steps in.  The Atlanta-based-company is a loyalty marketing program that targets new mover by zip code. “We act as an introduction for our clients to new mover in the community,” said Welcomemat President Brian Mattingly. “We offer them the chance to get to know what’s in their new neighborhood.”

The company’s targeted approach works, as Stella Nova Salon in Charleston, S.C. can attest. “Welcomemat’s unique package has helped us gain a new set of loyal clients on a monthly basis. We have a large return rate that helps us increase yearly profits and we get to meet some new faces every month,” said Stella Nova Marketing Director Laran D’Eustachio.

Stella Nova began mailing out to several area zip codes in November of 2004, offering a complimentary haircut to first time clients and has enjoyed a 13% response rate so far. Mattingly attributes part of the salon’s success to their willingness to give customers such a powerful incentive to come to their store. “A complimentary haircut is a great offer. It gives new mover a reason to get in the door and the stylists at Stella Nova can give them a reason to come back.”

Unlike coupons that encourage deal-seeking individuals to move from one hair salon to another, theWelcomemat Services loyalty program reaches out on behalf of its salon customers to a group of consumers who are highly-likely to become loyal. These consumers are forced to build new long-term relationships in their new areas and often become significant sources of revenue for years to come.

Welcomemat also offers several additional services to help Stella Nova keep up with their new mover. Each gift check is imprinted with a patent-pending barcode that allows Welcomemat to provide each of their clients with a comprehensive list of new mover who are redeeming their gift checks. This list includes names, addresses and demographic information. Salon owners can use this information to see their advertising dollars at work and to send thank you notes or other offers to their new clients.

Welcomemat Services works with several salons in the Southeast. For more information about Welcomemat Services please visit www.welcomematservices.com.