Target New Movers

How are you growing your business? With the Welcomemat platform, you are targeting a fresh new group of high value customers each and every month….and these new customers haven’t found their favorite places yet.

Different from your current customers and your competitor’s customers, families moving into your community haven’t formed loyalties and habits. The new movers are nobody’s customers—turning this group into YOUR regulars before your competitors get to them can help you grow your business to new heights.


Nobody’s customers

This is the new mover and a great opportunity.

Your current customer


This is your current customer base – they are already your regular customers – maintain them with newsletters, loyalty programs, surprise gifts, etc.

These are customers loyal to your competitors. To get them to change habits can very expensive & difficult.

The Latest New Mover & Homeowner Data

The Welcomemat Program is a direct marketing strategy that combines the power of data and new movers. New movers are the secret—these are new homeowners, individuals, and families who need help. New families and individuals to your neighborhood typically develop over 72 new business relationships shortly after they move.
New movers are a large and highly coveted market. According to US Census Bureau, 17-20% of the population moves each year!

The Numbers

Why New Movers?

According to Charles Duhigg, author of The Power of Habit, a precisely timed advertisement, sent to a new homebuyer, can change someone’s shopping patterns for years.

  • This is the core principle of the Welcomemat platform – reaching out to new families and people who have recently moved when they are going through a life changing event. The timing during habit change helps you build a strong bond and loyalty with your new customer and creates a steady stream of new regular customers for your business.
  • A second principle that the Welcomemat platform employs is tied to reciprocity. Introduced in Dr. Robert Cialdini’s book, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, the concept of “reciprocity” is simple — if someone offers you a gift, people feel a real sense of indebtedness and will give you their loyalty.
  • John Taffer, world renowned restauranteur and host of Bar Rescue, states in an episode of his show – “I would rather give you a hamburger for free on your first visit than discount my product.”

Targeting those newly moving into your local community through the Welcomemat marketing platform and offering a one-time gift can be one of the most powerful tools for new customer acquisition and long-term loyalty that any business or service can employ.

Don’t buy an outdated new mover data list… trust Welcomemat Services to provide up-to-date data for an effective marketing campaign with proven results.