Drive a steady stream of new and loyal customers through your door with the Welcomemat Program.


Direct Mail Marketing Solutions… and More

The Welcomemat program includes a cross-media system designed for loyalty. It goes beyond direct mail to involve strategies that get customers to your local business and keep them coming back.



As a Welcomemat client, you maintain category exclusivity in your target mailing area. This means that if you sign up with category exclusivity in a mailing area, then no other “like” business (based on our exclusivity chart) in your category can join The WelcomematTM package in that area. If a category is already occupied, a potential-client can register to be on The Welcomemat waiting list for that mailing area.



The technology that Welcomemat Services, Inc. has employed enables new resident information to be bar-coded into every Welcomemat Gift Check. Barcodes are uniquely imprinted on each Gift Check, allowing our clients to find out which new residents have responded to their Gift Check offers. Our clients need only to send all of their redeemed Gift Checks back to Welcomemat Services in the provided pre-printed envelopes to receive free tracking and information reports.



As part of our premiere Welcomemat program, Welcomemat now offers an automated thank you note generated and sent out to those who recently visited through the initial Welcomemat mailing. This second touch is designed to help lock-in loyalty and confirm a long-term successful relationship with those moving to your area.

  • Choose some or all of the components for your business:
  • 1. Put a tangible gift in the hand of those new families and people moving into your community
  • 2. Track and measure your response
  • 3. Thank those who visit through Welcomemat to create long-term relationships
  • 4. Communicate with new movers through social media
  • 5. Choose to use Welcomemat’s Mobile Loyalty System
  • 6. Capture email and track additional analytics on frequency

Welcomemat handles the technical stuff so that you can keep doing what you do best and focus on serving your new customers.

Welcomemat Products Available For Small Businesses