Data-Driven Marketing

with a Local Focus.

Welcomemat Services provides your business with the advanced technology and marketing

you need to reach the best new customers in your neighborhood first.


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Capture New Movers

…before they discover your competitors.

Welcomemat Services offers the most technologically advanced new mover marketing program to grow your customer base every month. Through timely, targeted, and trackable direct mail marketing technology we connect your business with new movers in the community when they are most likely to form business loyalties in their new neighborhood. New movers are nobody’s customers, yet…reach them first then they are 5X more likely to stay loyal to your business!


Improve Your Digital Presence

…with custom graphics and messaging built for your brand.

Welcomemat Services has developed social media marketing and email marketing programs specifically for local business engagement and growth. By injecting our proprietary data models into digital platforms, we ensure that your business makes memorable brand moments with your most ideal audience to create an engaging and successful digital presence. Build a strong, consistent, and impactful digital presence that puts your business top of mind for customers.

Reach Your Perfect Customers

…using our custom data models and targeting capabilities.

Welcomemat Services has upgraded the standard direct mail postcard into our Perfect Match Postcard program. Using proprietary data models and advanced technology, our team will help you profile and target customers in your community that are most likely to become your perfect customer with a jumbo, full color postcard custom designed for your business. Increase your marketing ROI and grow your customer base by targeting your perfect match audience with Welcomemat.