Our Process

Schedule a Demo

The first step in identifying the best solution for your brand is helping us identify what your goals and challenges are through discovery. 

Are you trying to grow membership?

Has your membership plateaued and is in need of a lift? 

Are you looking to unlock new types of customers in the area?

Do you need new tactics for long term growth?

Are you ready to launch a grand opening or rebranding for a Re-Grand Opening?

The discovery phase is the first part of our demo and helps us align which Welcomemat marketing products and strategies should be implemented first to achieve the requested outcome. 

Run a Marketing Analysis of Your Locations

Welcomemat’s proprietary mapping technology allows us to run analysis on your location and determine who your best customers are in a geofence around your location.

Understanding the market opportunity around your locations gives us insight on how we should throttle our digital marketing strategies to achieve the desired outcome. 

We will plug in your address(s) and run each location through our perfect match modeling tool to help us define the best geofence for targeting.

Align Products With Marketing Goals

After discovery and analysis, we will make suggestions on which tools are best suited for your goals. While all of our marketing strategies work tightly together, we will suggestions based on several factors including:

Results of the map analysis and data model

Maturity and life-stage of the business or locations

Core objectives

Competition assessment

Build & Launch Your Campaigns

Once the plan has been defined, Welcomemat’s onboarding specialists will work with our internal departments to build and design each component of your campaigns. This includes:

Landing page creation and URL publishing

Professionally designed content

Wiring up text and email components

Building out digital and traditional audiences for targeting

Digital advertising tool set-up

Onsite testing of ad flow

 After a successful test, your campaigns will be launched and results will begin coming in.

Drive Growth & Measure

As your digital marketing and traditional marketing campaigns are being launched, we will be setting up your marketing dashboard where all results will be stored and reviewed.

The marketing dashboard gives you comprehensive real-time insights into the success of each marketing tool and program that is active.

You are able to see all of the data you are collecting, study attribution and see KPIs that apply to your digital ad campaigns, postcard campaigns, text and email clubs, and memberships/loyalty data. 

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