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Digitally Target Consumers Pre- and Post-Move
with Welcomemat's Digital New Movers Programs


Welcomemat’s Digital New Movers Programs crack the code for reaching the rich new mover audience online both pre- and post-move!

Reaching new movers as they are going through the moving cycle creates tremendous opportunities for businesses, and Welcomemat is a trusted industry leader in reaching this valuable audience. Home services, healthcare, banking, utilities are just a few of the industries that are leveraging our Digital New Movers audiences.

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Welcomemat’s 3-Tiered Approach allows you to harness the power of new mover marketing on digital and social throughout the consumer move cycle!

Welcomemat's Proprietary New Mover Model
For nearly 2 decades, Welcomemat has helped local businesses target new movers in the direct mail space through our proprietary new mover program. Data analysis and modeling tools applied to 16+ years of Welcomemat responder data have helped us capture strong attributes that link a mover and response propensity. Add in further analytics including psychographics and sociographics and you have one of the strongest digital models for pre- and post-movers.
Tried-and-Tested Pre-Move Indicators
Being a leader in the new mover space for so long has given Welcomemat a unique look and understanding of consumers as they go through the move cycle. Starting from the decision to move through the entire move cycle, Welcomemat has built a powerful and unique pre-move audience strategy that we continue to optimize and refine over time. Targeting this audience has consistently outperformed industry benchmarks and delivers CPAs well below industry benchmark for both the pre-move audience and new mover audience.
Exclusive Partnerships
Welcomemat has formal agreements with national brands that give access to consumer audiences who are in the process of moving and changing addresses. These powerful relationships give Welcomemat unique access to consumers through digital targeting throughout the entire move cycle.

Digital Delivery & Reporting

Welcomemat’s professional in-house design team works with clients to determine design, messaging, content and strategy for digital delivery to the pre-move and/or the new mover audience.

Throughout the course of any campaign, Welcomemat’s digital team is consistently enhancing, optimizing, variant testing, and modifying strategy to drive the lowest possible CPA or CPL.

Monthly client reporting allows each client to gain valuable insight into the strategy and refinement going on behind the scenes.