Membership Growth & Churn Reduction

Membership Marketing

Implement the proper tools to grow memberships with Welcomemat’s membership marketing tools, you are able to drive new memberships, reduce churn, create a strong member experience and break through a plateaued membership level.

New Membership Growth

Welcomemat’s membership growth strategies start with finding the right consumer — or someone who looks like an ideal member. Starting with a consumer who is likely to match your best member is the key to any membership growth strategy. Areas of interest include geographic locations, demographic and sociographic attributes, and household data points of a consumer. The “right” consumer or client will likely fit with your brand and see the value of the membership – ultimately the beginning of a long-term and sticky member.

Membership Marketing

Once the proper consumer is identified, Welcomemat’s proprietary ad software integrates with digital and traditional ad platforms to deliver a relevant promotion to that consumer. Data is captured and membership conversion targeting starts.

Welcomemat software also has a set it and forget method for driving growth through referrals.

Membership Marketing

Reduce Member Churn

Welcomemat understands that there are several items that impact churn or member attrition. The first piece of reducing churn, starts with the consumer understanding the value of their new membership. Welcomemat’s sms and email software can help communicate value to the new member for the first 30 days of their membership – value creation and habit formation are critical when it comes to churn reduction.  

Welcomemat has also created tools to intercept declining payments that automatically reach out to members via sms and email encouraging them to update their payment type – using these tools can reduce attrition by several percentage points which translates into significant revenue. 

Membership Marketing - Welcomemat

Find the “right consumer” who is likely to be a member.

Drive value and habit during the first 30 days of membership Value and Habit During the First 30.

Intercept declining payments before you lose your members.

Breaking Through – Overcoming A Member Level that has Plateaued

Has your membership leveled off? Are you adding and losing members at the same pace – creating no net new growth? 

Re-energizing membership growth by implementing new member targeting and churn reduction strategies by Welcomemat. Shifting targeting methods on digital and traditional ad platforms can allow you to find specific cohorts that fit your member personas – consumer groups who you may have not targeted with ads before – unlocking an area for growth. Geofenced digital ads, neighborhood digital ads, mapping ads, traditional direct mail ads, all can provide new methods for driving growth and pushing through the member plateau. 


Membership Marketing

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