Perfect Match
Digital Ads

Gain the Best New Customers Quickly!

Welcomemat is pleased to announce the roll out of its newest patent-pending new customer acquisition platform called Perfect Match Digital Ads for local.

The Welcomemat Perfect Match Digital Ads program

The Perfect Match New Customer Acquisition Platform Works Like This

This social media advertising program leverages Welcomemat’s 17-year-old formula for finding the “right” consumer, inviting them to your experience your business or service, and then remarketing to them to say “thank you”.

The Patent-Pending Program Works Like This

Geofence Your Target Area With Our Custom Mapping Tool

We use Welcomemat’s data modeling tool to set up a geo-fence around your location(s) and target consumers who fit our high-quality perfect match customer profile for your industry. Our state-of-the art mapping technology allows you to hone in at a radius, zip code or county level to see how many high value prospects are available for targeting.

The Secret Sauce – Perfect Match Audience

Welcomemat has developed data models for the industries in which we work based on our patented response tracking for the past 17 years. This unique access to Welcomemat nationally acclaimed audiences allows our clients to target only those who have the highest probability of becoming your best long term customer.

Professional Design And Copywriting

We use engaging creative and ad copy specific to your targeted audience with best practice tactics for optimal performance.

Call-To-Action Starts The Relationship

Once the consumer clicks through the promotion, we then take them to your fully branded and professionally designed landing page. This is where we capture both mobile and email. A text or email is sent directly to the consumer with a link to a branded webpage that holds the offer codes.

Integrate Codes Unique To Each Consumer

The offer code can be a one-time use code integrated into your POS, a static barcode, or a promotion code.

Retargeting to Drive Loyalty and Memberships

After we introduce a customer to your brand, we then send another piece of content to them thanking them and asking them to join your loyalty program or become a plan member.

The Perfect Match Digital Ads Program!

Want More Reasons To Use Welcomemat’s Perfect Match Digital Ads Platform?


Easy to Launch

Less than 10-minutes for Online Onboarding


Fast Delivery

Select your targeted EDDM delivery timing, which can be as quick as 7 business days.


+210% ROI

A well-designed and targeted campaign can achieve strong results.