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Welcomemat Digital Marketing

Welcomemat uses sophisticated marketing platforms to harnesses the power of intelligent marketing to drive up revenues and help local businesses capture and keep new customers, members, guests, patients, and clients.

We Are Your Marketing Experts

For more than a decade, Welcomemat has been a pioneer in local marketing across many industries. Our extensive knowledge of local has enabled us to develop best-in-class marketing programs and solutions for businesses of all sizes, all types, and all stages of maturity.

Whether you are a new operator looking to quickly gain exposure or an established brand or management group looking for ways to break through level-off revenue numbers. Welcomemat’s marketing solutions have been proven and tested at all levels and stages of growth.


Data-Driven Marketing:

A Core Principle

Welcomemat was founded on concept that understanding data and gaining access to data can lead to more strategic marketing efforts that drive more revenue and growth while reducing wasted ad exposure. Welcomemat has developed industry look-a-like models that allows clients to target those who are most likely to become loyal.


Find the “right” customer, connect with them, do a great job for them, and then ask them to return. When this formula is properly executed you get a “stickier” customer who will provide consistent revenue – starting with the right customer will lead to longer-term loyalty.


Welcomemat’s marketing strategy begins with capturing your best prospective customers in-and-around location within a certain radius, zip code, county, region or MSA. By overlaying Welcomemat’s industry look-a-like model, we are able to identify customers with the highest propensity to visit and become loyal customers. Welcomemat’s data models are ever-changing and continue to be refined with new data each month.


As new customers are captured and entered in your marketing funnels, Welcomemat’s software works intelligently to react to customer activity and communicate based on actions and activity. Through email and sms, Welcomemat clients gain direct access to customers in the community.

Grow Positive Online Reviews

Refer Friends

Birthday Club

Win-Back Campaigns for Customers Who Are Not Active
Exclusive Offers for Segments of Customers

Tracking and Measuring – Attribute your Marketing to Your Revenue

All Welcomemat clients have access to Welcomemat’s marketing dashboard software – GTX – which gives clear real-time tracking measurement of all active digital, blended and traditional marketing campaigns across each location, region and entire brand. Tracking through GTX can help determine attribution and identify which marketing strategy is driving the best results.


Marketing Tools

Welcomemat Digital Marketing

Perfect Match Digital Ads

Welcomemat’s digital ad programs leverage Welcomemat’s formula for finding the “right” customer, capturing data, inviting them to your business.

The technology and software that Welcomemat has developed to drive Perfect Match Digital Ads integrates digital ad mediums with landing pages, sms, email, code integration and POS integration. Ad delivery, conversion, and attribution, are all visualized in GTX – Welcomemat’s marketing dashboard.

Perfect Match Digital Ads – Local Mapping

Welcomemat has developed a digital integration that allows for locations to be placed on prominent digital mapping services. Welcomemat clients can gain impressions and conversions by being present on common digital map applications.

Welcomemat Digital Marketing

FlexText™ – Combining the Power of SMS and Email Marketing

FlexText™ is Welcomemat’s premiere program that combines the power of text & email to provide a robust solutions for ongoing communications with your customers. Through sophisticated connectivity to point of sale, campaigns can be set to react on activity – helping grow revenues, convert memberships, and drive loyalty and retention.

FlexText™ provides turn-key solutions including:

Growing Positive Online Reviews

Customers Can Refer Friends

Birthday Club

Holiday Campaigns (i.e. Veteran’s Day – Black Friday)

Website Integrations for Data Collection

Set it/Forget it Drip Campaigns

Welcome New Customers

On Demand SMS

Blended Digital and Integrated Direct Mail

Welcomemat’s direct mail offerings integrate the proven reliability of traditional mail with integrated digital technologies. Whether you are launching a brand-new location and need to get the word out, launching a new product, dropping a holiday promotion, reaching out to those who are newly moving into the community, or even playing defense for when a competitor is coming to the market, Welcomemat’s direct mail options give you flexibility, tracking, retargeting options and revenue growth.

Marketing for All Industries


Welcomemat’s new mover targeting is the perfect engine for driving growth from those who newly move in-and-around your location(s). There is no better way to grow than inviting those who just moved into the community to visit your location before your competitors does.


Welcomemat’s new mover targeting is the perfect engine for driving growth from those who newly move in-and-around your location(s). There is no better way to grow than inviting those who just moved into the community to visit your location before your competitors does.


Welcomemat’s Jumbo Saturation Postcards are designed to get the word out to the masses. These radius-targeted postcards can tie into data capture and leverage retargeting for multiple touch points to drive loyalty.


Welcomemat’s Jumbo EDDM Postcards are designed to pinpoint specific carrier routes and are best for timed drops. These carrier route-targeted postcards can tie in data capture and leverage retargeting for multiple touch points to find new customers.

Organic Social and Google My Business Management

Online assets enhance the your marketing strategy and brand. A quality social media presence includes content on Facebook, Instagram and Google My Business. Regular updates to content, and well-designed graphics and copy, enhances not only your image but also plays a critical part in being found online.

Leave it to Welcomemat’s digital team to manage your organic social and drive growth and stand out from your competition.

Digital Marketing and Web Design for Businesses

Website Development


Starting with your website, Welcomemat leverages over a decade of marketing experience to build out high-performance websites.

Welcomemat’s focus is to build Google and search-friendly websites (SEO) that have all the technical components wired up properly so the website will be found when local customers are searching “business near me” or looking for your type of business.

Welcomemat’s marketing experts combine professional and attractive design with technical audits for proper search and location results.

Branding and Design

Welcomemat’s professional design team can help with branded pieces, design, integrated one-time use code cards and more.

Our team of experts can design ads for local community events, rack cards, holiday tickets, handouts and more. Best of all, Welcomemat can add codes and tracking to each advertisement or handout, so you can see how they impacting growth in the community.

Another Welcomemat Marketing Tool…

Auto and Lube Marketing



Welcomemat GTX is the central system for growth tracking and marketing acceleration for our car wash operators. All of Welcomemat’s clients gain access to a centralized dashboard designed to track all campaigns being run in your community in real time. Real-time measurement and tracking gives you a lens into all marketing campaigns and how they are performing.

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