Postcard Marketing

Welcomemat offers postcard marketing campaigns designed to meet your goals and drive leads. With several options for targeting, you are able to leverage Welcomemat’s decade long direct mail experience to create, print and distribute sophisticated and successful postcards for growth.

Postcard Marketing That Combines Online With Offline

Welcomemat’s postcard marketing campaigns can be integrated with digital technologies to give your postcard campaign an added lift in results and lead flow. By combining email, sms digital retargeting and data capture to your postcard campaign, you can capture new customers and continue ongoing communicating to drive loyalty and membership. 

Postcards That Leverage Call Tracking

Welcomemat’s postcards can include a unique phone number that redirects to your direct business number. This call tracking number allows all calls to be tracked so you can measure the call results of your postcard marketing. 

Postcard Marketing - Welcomemat
Post Card Marketing

Custom Postcard Design & Printing

Based on your marketing goals and message preference, Welcomemat’s professional design team will create an enticing full-color jumbo 6 x 11 postcard fit to your branding. Each postcard design is unique to your business, target audience, and offer making it a tangible and impactful direct mail marketing piece.

Welcomemat GTX – Track and Measure Through Your Marketing Dashboard

Welcomemat GTX is your centralized dashboard for measuring and tracking your postcard marketing campaigns. You will have access to your design, lead results and return on your investment.

Jumbo Perfect Match Postcards

Welcomemat’s Jumbo Perfect Match Postcard use data models, demographic and sociographic consumer data to target those who are most likely to respond to your business. Perfect Match Postcards start with defining a geography or geo-fence – draw a radius from your location, set a drive time or identify a group of zip codes that match your best local community targeting.  Welcomemat then sets up a look-a-like audience by identifying which consumers are most-likely going to be your best long-term customers. Once the geography is set and the audience is identified, Welcomemat designs, prints and delivers the postcards and leads are captured. 

You can add data capture and retargeting to these highly-targeted postcard campaigns.

Jumbo Saturation Postcards

Welcomemat’s Jumbo Saturation Postcards are designed to saturate a consumer population area around your location in your community. Professionally designed jumbo postcards can enhance your postcard marketing strategy and drive revenue. 

Saturation postcards are similar to Every Door Direct Mail with the added delivery and reliability of postal automation and trackability. 

You can add data capture, digital integration and retargeting to your saturated postcard campaigns. 

Jumbo EDDM™ Postcards

Welcomemat’s Jumbo EDDM™ Postcards are designed to pinpoint specific carrier routes around your location.  These carrier route-targeted postcards can provide a hyper-local targeted approach for your postcard campaign. 

Planning an EDDM mailing is easy with Welcomemat. Our full-service EDDM mapping tool & technology allows you to schedule and design your campaign in just 5 simple steps. And our team of experts is readily available to advise on anything from design and content, requirements, printing and postage cost.

You can add data capture, digital integration and retargeting to your EDDM postcard campaigns. 

Which Postcard Campaign is Best For You?

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