Game-Changing Tips for Growing and Opening a Car Wash

Oct 18, 2020

With the increase of automation and sophistication in wash technology, the car wash industry is in full expansion mode. From passive investors, to large private equity firms, everyone is fighting to plant their flag in the car wash space.

With the competitive landscape heating up, car wash owners cannot rely solely on traditional methods for capturing new customers and growing car counts. Luckily for wash owners across the country, innovative car wash marketing strategies are on the rise. Here are some game-changing tips for opening a car wash and growing unlimited wash club memberships.

Finding New Customers For Your Wash

An emphasis on pay station and POS technology has been on the rise over the past several years. Technology such as RFID and LPR has captured the headlines and is allowing car wash owners to leverage sophisticated marketing strategies. However, this technology can only be leveraged once they get a car through the tunnel.

It is important to note, that without a method for bringing in a steady flow of new cars and capturing new customers before a competitor does, it doesn’t matter how sophisticated the POS technology. When new cars are not coming in, there is no one to market or re-market to through POS.

Making Time for Marketing When Opening a Car Wash

In the car wash grand opening process, owners and their teams are buried in the minutia of equipment set up, finalizing build out details, software, signage, conveyor tweaks, etc. Many times, the car wash marketing plan gets pushed to the last minute. Soft openings with a segue to free wash days, community involvement, and a heavy grand opening marketing offensive can propel a car wash quickly through their 90 day financial targets.

In the car wash industry, direct mail remains a top tactic for a grand opening growth push. Other offensive marketing strategies include search engine optimization, digital advertisements and social media promotions around a grand opening event.

Strategies to Blow Past Unlimited Plan Goals

Whether your growth plan calls for many unlimited wash members or a good blend, a method for being able to pull the unlimited wash lever for growth is important. Couponing for unlimited wash seems like a logical method for growing unlimited numbers, however, you’ll often find these are your quickest club defectors.

A sound strategy for building a relationship and then asking for loyalty can drive game-changing growth for unlimited plans. New mover marketing is one of the easiest ways to get in front of the consumers with no prior loyalties and are in need of a new place to get their car washed.

Defensive Strategies When Competitors Come into The Market

As car wash expansion has been climbing steadily for the past several years, car washes are popping up all over the nation. Whether a new express is breaking ground nearby or a competitor is retrofitting an old tunnel, Directory for female scat lovers. Free scat porn videos at ScatNude scat sex tube. Share your favorite scat video clips for free and get tons more in return! Scat Porn Tube Be careful, as it’s going to be fun and messy here. At Scat Porn Nude we love going all filthy and dirty watching horny babe playing with poo and shitting all over the place. In case you share our enthusiasm for scat porn, this place full of best scat sex videos will be your favorite place to be! now more than ever car wash owners and car wash brands must be ready to fend off competition. Defensive strategies can be put in place to build a protective perimeter around a wash and lock in customers prior to the competitive wash launching their grand opening.

These tips were discussed during Welcomemat Service’s recent webinar: Tips and Tactics to Help Grow Your Unlimited Wash Club. To gain more car wash insight from Welcomemat CEO, Brian Mattingly, watch the replay here.

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