Increase Summer Car Counts with Data Driven Marketing

Aug 8, 2019

Summer is a great time of year to focus on bringing in new business for your car wash. Warmer temperatures encourage people to get out and explore the great outdoors, which amounts to dirty vehicles! This is true whether you live in a dry area or somewhere where frequent rain turns into mud.

People might need more car washes during the summer months, but that doesn’t mean they’ll necessarily come to your wash. If you want to increase car counts, you’ll need to come up with some creative ways of marketing your business.

Car Wash Marketing: Tips for Making Your Business Shine

The best marketing campaigns utilize more than one technique. With the use of data driven marketing, you’ll be able to focus on what works best in your local area. These strategic marketing tips will also help distinguish your wash from the other professional car wash locations in the area and build loyalty with your new customers.

Data Driven Postcard Marketing

Most discussions about modern marketing are centered around the digital world. While it might be true that people practically live on social media these days, that doesn’t mean that old-fashioned marketing campaigns can’t be effective. In our business, we’ve seen postcard campaigns generate a lot of business for car washes, and the summer months are the ideal time for a postcard push.

With data driven marketing, you won’t have to waste money and resources sending postcards to the wrong people. Instead, you can figure out which members of your community are most likely to be interested in your car wash. When you use data to advertise to people who are already in need of your services, you can gain lasting recognition for your brand.

Postcard marketing can be used to offer coupons or discounts, let guests know about sales, or alert members of the community to the existence of your business. With a catchy slogan, the right use of color and imagery, and a solid deal to offer, your postcard campaign is sure to be a success.

Text Messaging

You can allow people who visit your car wash in person or on your website to sign up for a text version of the classic mailing list. Customers can be incentivized to opt in for this by offering special deals and discounts. The benefit of using text for car wash marketing is the low cost and immediate availability.

To do a postcard campaign, you’ll need to design a theme and include visual content, but texts are usually quite simple. All you need is a witty writer to throw together a few catchy lines, and you’ve got your campaign. Since little to no preparation is needed, you can be spontaneous with your campaigns. For example, if it sprinkles rain in the morning, all the cars around town will likely be spotted and in need of a good wash. With a simple text, you can remind your customers that today might be a great day to stop in.

Reaching Out to Summer Movers

There are always new people moving into any community, and those people will require assistance finding the products and services they need around town. A mail campaign for new members of the community can be a great way to increase car counts at your store.

Everyone needs to visit the car wash now and again. Some people like to wash their cars at home, but they eventually run into situations where they don’t have time to do so and instead must visit a wash. That’s why direct mail campaigns targeted to new movers are so effective for car washes. Even if the potential customer doesn’t visit your business right away, they will remember your name and location when the time comes.

Get Started with Professional Car Wash Marketing: Choose the Very Best

Increase Summer Car Counts with Data Driven Marketing

Here at Welcomemat Services, we specialize in data driven direct mail marketing as well as a full range of digital marketing services. Our CEO Brian Mattingly was recently featured in the article “5 Ways Integrating Marketing with Your POS System Can Be a Game Changer”, which can be found in the Car Wash Magazine Summer 2019 Issue!

Check out a digital copy of the article here! 

We’d love to use our experience to assist you in growing your business. For more information, please contact us today.

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