Car Wash Advertising

Dec 20, 2021

Welcomemat has created a new division, Welcomemat Wash Solutions, designed specifically to leverage a marketing platform designed specially for car wash operators.

Promote Your Car Wash Locally

As a car wash owner, one of the most important things for your local business is to keep yourself updated with latest car wash industry trends and managing the administrative aspects of your small business. While you also want to keep a close eye on the car counts entering your car wash. Finding new cars for your business to wash is a talent we have.

Welcomemat uses a specialized technique for car wash advertising, connecting your car wash to those who need you most—new movers. Let us help you find the right customers through market research and analysis. We will get them coming in on a regular basis.

Car Wash Advertising

Drive up Those Car Counts Using Welcomemat

While you may be a local, regional or national brand, it is important to act locally in the markets you serve.

Welcomemat’s car wash marketing system is designed for all size brands with a strict focus on finding the right set of customers into your car wash tunnel with an emphasis on converting to monthly wash clubs.

By leaving your new customer acquisition and car wash marketing strategy to us, you can focus on what you do best – running your car wash and growing your business.

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Enhance Your Marketing Plan with a Multi-Channel Approach

As a car wash owner, it is essential to include multiple channels in your car wash marketing plan in order to reach potential and existing customers. Every consumer is receptive to different platforms, so communicating across multiple channels is important for car wash advertising. Implementing digital, social and direct mail services will ensure your business is always where your customers are. If you’re only using one channel to market your car wash, your business is missing countless customers by only spreading your message in one place. Using a multi-channel approach can enhance brand awareness and boost car wash sales.

Rocket Fuel for Business Growth

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Finding new loyal customers is a talent we have and we know that your first introduction to new customers can mean the difference between gaining a new customer for life or losing a customer to your competitors. That’s why we created our free small business marketing eBook: Good First Impressions are Rocket Fuel for Small Business Growth, because we’re rooting for small businesses like yours.





Car Wash Promotion Ideas - Ebook - Welcomemat

Your Free e-book!

This car wash promotion strategy typically generates a $38:$1 ROI for our clients.