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As a car wash owner, one of the most important things for your local business is to keep yourself updated with latest trends and managing the administrative aspects of your small business. While you also want to keep a close eye on the car counts entering your car wash. Finding new cars for your business to wash is a talent we have.  Welcomemat uses a specialized technique for car wash marketing, connecting your car wash to those who need you most—new movers.  Let us help you find the right customers through market research and analysis. We will get them coming in on a regular basis.

Drive up those car counts using Welcomemat

Be the first local car wash in your neighborhood to welcome new movers and promote your business locally. This will not only get you discovered before your competitors in the area, but also help you target the right audience to increase your customer loyalty base.

Welcomemat Services promotes your car wash in the neighborhood and helps you get the right set of customers who are most likely to become long-term loyal patrons.

New movers to a neighborhood are 5 times more likely to become your loyal customers.

Did you know neighborhood car washes are the most sought after local businesses by new movers after a recent move?

Become their favorite local business in the neighborhood before your competitor does.

By leaving your new customer acquisition and local marketing to us, you can focus on what you do best – running your car wash and working on growing your business.

Our new mover marketing system for car washes is being used by hundreds of car washes all over the country.

Talk to us to see how our program can help grow your car wash.

Unique benefits of our turnkey car wash specific new mover program

You pick the areas & zip codes that you want to reach new movers in

Each month we target a new group of new movers for your car wash

We create a unique marketing piece for your car wash that focuses on your local brand

We recommend the perfect “one-time” gift to invite new movers

We report and gather insights to show you the effectiveness of your customized marketing campaign

We send ‘thank you for visiting’ cards to all your new customers on your behalf and with your approval

Know your exact customer acquisition cost for every new customer. Insights like these can help you better your marketing efforts.

Simple & trackable program which tells you your exact ROI

Learn about our social media marketing for car washes!

Our Results

Majestic Car Wash

Cruisers Car Wash

I have had the highest retention rate over radio, television, and other direct mail through Welcomemat.
– Cruisers Car Wash

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