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Gym and Health Club Advertising

Welcomemat’s proven methods are just what your business needs to reach new customers—at just the right time.  Moving is a life-changing event.  Studies show that it is one of the key milestones in an individual’s life where he or she is open to change and lifestyle habits. This is the perfect opportunity for them to implement a healthier lifestyle—and where your business fits in.  

Target new movers and reach the right customers

New movers to a neighborhood are 5 times more likely to become your loyal customers.

Did you know neighborhood Gyms and Health Clubs are the most sought after local businesses by new movers after a recent move?

Become their favorite local business in the neighborhood before your competitor does.

Talk to us to see how our program can help grow your business.

Welcomemat provides the means for you to reach these new customers at just the right time. So start growing your gym, fitness center, or health club clientele with targeted advertising solutions. What are you waiting for?

Unique benefits of our turn-key Health Club specific new mover program

You choose the targeted areas you want to reach

We use your branding and colors to create your marketing pieces

We locate the new movers—individuals and families moving to your area looking for you

You receive emailed monthly reports for your records

Thank you cards are sent on your behalf to new customers

Simple & turn key monthly program

Try our add-on Health Club centric loyalty program- Mobile Punchcard

Social media promotion- We will promote your neighborhood Gym or Health Club across our social media pages


Our Results

Thrive Community Fitness
The return on investment has been wonderful. These people move into the community and come in to the fitness center for the first time, check it out, and then become long-term members.
– Thrive Community Fitness