Your Restaurant Marketing Plan Made Simple

Dec 21, 2021

Promote Your Restaurant Locally

As a restaurant owner, regularly finding time to identify and gain new loyal customers can be a major restaurant management challenge. With so many aspects of owning a restaurant buying for your time, customer acquisition can often fall down the list of priorities. While it may be easy to brush your restaurant marketing plan aside to deal with your daily tasks, this is a costly mistake that many restaurant owners make.

No matter what type of restaurant you own – whether it is quick service, fast causal, fine dining, or any type of local restaurant – the goal of your restaurant marketing plan should be to bring in new customers and create an atmosphere that drives customer loyalty and repeat business. You could have the best tasting food in town and the perfect décor, but until new customers come in, it makes no difference.

And restaurant patrons are also not all equal. Discount-driven consumers don’t typically drive the best restaurant margins. It’s the long-term loyal customers that are the heartbeat of restaurant growth, which is exactly what we focus on at Welcomemat Services!

Promote Your Restaurant Locally

Incorporate a new mover acquisition strategy into your restaurant marketing plan to gain more long-term loyal customers!

  1. The average restaurant needs to replace 17% of it’s customer base that moves away each year.
  2. Local restaurants are the #1 most sought-after local businesses by new movers after a recent move.
  3. New movers to a neighborhood are 5X more likely to become your loyal customers.
  4. New movers are 80X more likely to respond to your marketing.

Welcomemat promotes your restaurant in the neighborhood and helps you reach the right set of customers who are 5X more likely to become your loyal customers!

Unique Benefits of Welcomemat’s New Mover Marketing Program for Restaurants:

  • Most Accurate New Mover Targeting Algorithm
  • Select Optimal Area with Advanced Mapping Technology
  • Unlimited ROI Tracking & Detailed Demographics Reports
  • Patent-Pending POS Integration
  • Automated Remarketing Piece Builds Continued Loyalty

“Our experience with Welcomemat’s New Mover Program has been nothing short of exceptional. The analytical piece proves to us that it is working and that we are getting a great return on our investment.” – Vince Ponzio, Cantina 511

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Restaurant Marketing Solutions

Enhance Your Marketing Plan with a Multi-Channel Approach

As a restaurant owner, it is essential to include multiple channels in your restaurant marketing plan in order to reach potential and existing customers. Every consumer is receptive to different platforms, so communicating across multiple channels is important for an effective restaurant marketing plan. Implementing digital, social and direct mail services will ensure your business is always where your customers are. If you’re only using one channel to market your restaurant, your business is missing countless customers by only spreading your message in one place. Using a multi-channel approach can enhance brand awareness and boost your restaurant’s sales.

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