A tried-and-true restaurant marketing plan for local business owners!

As a restaurant owner, regularly finding time to identify and gain new loyal customers can be a major restaurant management challenge. As with many small business owners, a great amount of time is spent learning new small business techniques and marketing tactics while also managing everyday administrative, inventory & staff training duties of the restaurant.

With all of these aspects vying for your time as a restaurant owner, customer acquisition can often fall down the list of priorities. While it may be easy to brush restaurant marketing strategies aside to deal with the daily duties of running the restaurant, it can often be a mistake that many owners make.

Attract new customers to your restaurant each month

Whether you are a quick service, casual, fast casual or fine dining restaurant owner, there are so many complementary tactics that will grow your business along with a local marketing plan. Crafting the perfect all-day offerings, incorporating healthy menu items and making decisions on delivery partners are just a few of the creative aspects each restaurant owner faces as a small business owner.

In the end, it’s all about bringing in new customers and creating an atmosphere that drives customer loyalty and repeat business.  You could have the perfect recipes and décor but until new customers come in, it makes no difference.

Small business owners are always looking for small business marketing tips and ways to actively promote their restaurants and boost their customer acquisition strategy. A customer strategy that will perfectly complement their restaurant marketing plan.

Not all marketing services and partners can bring you success and it can often be challenging to decide what direction to go in when it comes to marketing a restaurant. Restaurant patrons are also not all equal. Discount driven consumers don’t typically drive the best restaurant margins…’s the long-term loyal customers that are the heartbeat of restaurant growth.

Welcomemat Services promotes your restaurant in the neighborhood and helps you get the right set of customers who are most likely to become your loyal customers- New families and individuals moving to your area.

New movers to a neighborhood are 5X more likely to become your loyal customers

Did you know local restaurants are the most sought after local businesses by new movers after a recent move?

Become their favorite local business in the neighborhood before your competition does!

By leaving your new customer acquisition and marketing to us, you can focus on what you do best – managing your restaurant and growing your small business.

Restaurant management doesn’t have to be hard and Welcomemat can help by bringing in more customer to your small business. Speak to your local marketing representative to get free marketing tips for your small business today.


Unique benefits of our new mover marketing program for restaurants

Introduce your local restaurant to hundreds of new movers to your neighborhood every month & get a chance to make them your loyal customers.

You pick the optimal geographic area & zip codes that you want your marketing to cover

Each month we target a new group of new movers for your restaurant & advertise your small business.

Turn-key program with unlimited ROI tracking and monthly demographics reports for new customer redemptions

Know your exact customer acquisition cost and valuable insights to help you better your restaurant marketing efforts.

Send automated ‘thank you for visiting’ remarketing to all your new customers to build continued loyalty

Utilize our detailed demographics reports for custom social media audience builds and other digital marketing needs!

Hear for yourself..

Sonny’s BBQ

Cantina 1511

The best data driven marketing strategies for your local restaurant


Leave the promotion of your restaurant to us while you manage other business aspects like hiring & training, staff retention, etc.

Our new mover marketing program and additional data driven solutions are being used by hundreds of local restaurants all over the country as a top small business marketing strategy.

Welcomemat provides you with the best restaurant marketing tools to promote your local restaurant. Along with our powerful direct mail marketing technology, Welcomemat can also help you with your social media marketing, email marketing, website design and more!

Talk to us to see how our local marketing program can help grow your business.

We use Welcomemat Services at Fifth Group Restaurants – it is an integral, essential component of our marketing plans…highly recommend!
– Michael Erickson, Fifth Group Restaurants

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