Integrating Car Wash Marketing Solutions into POS

Mar 3, 2021

Integrating Car Wash Marketing Solutions into POS can be a Game Changer for Unlimited Wash Member Growth

With unlimited wash club membership discussions taking over every car wash board room, new technology in the marketing realm is enabling car washes to hit and exceed unlimited wash member goals more quickly.

Car washes are in full expansion mode across the nation. According to the International Carwash Association, it is estimated that total annual car wash sales revenue exceeds $24 billion. With over 100,000 car washes in the United States, the car wash and auto detailing industry has grown about 4% and steadily climbing over the past five years.

With the rise of express and flex car washes, car wash POS systems are becoming more sophisticated. Less human interaction is required as automation and programming become more prevalent through top car wash systems such as ICS, DRB, Sonny’s, Washify, etc.

Having an innovative POS system and a valuable unlimited plan sets car washes up for growth, however without tools driving new cars into tunnels, unlimited wash plan growth can stall. A range of new marketing tactics that integrate with POS systems have begun to bridge the gap between marketing and car wash technology.

4 Tips To Market Your Car Wash

Finding Loyal Car Wash Customers

Not all customers will become unlimited wash customers. You have consumers who are deal driven and will never give loyalty to anyone and you also have customers who are already loyal to your competitors. Focusing on a consumer group that has high loyalty potential gives car wash owners the best chance of capturing a new monthly subscription.

Consumers going through a life-change are much more open to building new patterns and habits and inevitably more open to connecting with your wash. All of the new families moving into your community are a great target audience for car washes.

According to studies done at Welcomemat, the typical ‘new mover’ is between the ages of 28 and 44, has kids and owns multiple cars. These families have moved to a new area where they have no brand loyalties and are on the hunt for a place to get their car washed weekly.

Car wash responder data models can also be overlaid in an area to find people with a high propensity to respond to a car wash offer. We have developed car wash responder models over time through proven data analytics. Targeting those consumers through a jumbo postcard program or through digital marketing can help car washes capture an audience who potentially will become loyal and purchase an unlimited wash plan.

Connecting Car Wash Marketing and POS

A car wash brand in Tennessee, with three full-service locations, leverages an integrated marketing system that ties directly into DRB Systems. For each of the locations, they use the Welcomemat New Mover Program that includes patent-pending POS integration.

DRB Systems generates one-time use free wash codes, these codes are then applied and printed on each mail piece that goes out to new movers. Once redeemed at the terminal, the codes are recorded, and the consumer is sent a “thank you” card. Messaging on the “thank you” card reminds the new customer of the unlimited wash club and encourages them to join.

Through the integration, the owner receives reports regularly that show how many new people came through the wash, specific demographics of those people and who those people are – including name and address.

Average direct mail sees about .5-2% response rates; however, this client sees response rates of over 10% in some of the locations through Welcomemat. All with no attendant at the terminal. Partnering the advanced technology, with detailed demographics, is a game changer for car washes across the nation.

They also utilize the POS integration and one-time use codes on a seasonal postcard run. These postcards are not targeted to new families moving, rather a highly targeted audience built by the proven car wash data model. Through research, the model has determined drive time, spending habits and demographics of a likely car wash customer which then segments the consumers in the area.

Similar patent-pending integration is used on the postcards allowing them to capture data of those who respond to the jumbo postcards. They have seen from 7-17% response rates on the postcards. By segmenting consumer behaviors, this car wash’s mail marketing has proven to be highly effective and profitable.

With the advance in car wash technology, using marketing tools that are data driven and integrated can be the silver bullet when it comes to growing unlimited wash memberships. Welcomemat can help your car wash reach highly likely audiences with our patent pending car wash marketing solutions.

Start marketing your car wash today!

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