Marketing and POS Car Wash Updates

Jun 17, 2022

What’s New at Micrologic 

In May’s release updates, Micrologic has added several new features – here are a few notable updates:  

  • LogicPOS now has the ability to turn on, making phone/email available on Unlimited Sale – If you want more members, please at a minimum capture mobile phones. 
  • Kiosks can also be set for mandatory mobile capture – it is a best practice to capture member mobile phone numbers to increase potential growth. 
  • The kiosk now has upgraded functionality for LPR for a better customer experience.  
  • Four New App Settings have been added, allowing both LPR and RFID to be used at the same time! 
  • WashAssist now has the ability to limit unlimited club usage. 

Details and further information can be found in Micrologic’s May release notes.

Client Success – Northern NY Micrologic/Welcomemat Client – 12 Locations – 5 Express Sites 

Foam & Wash has 12 Total Locations in New York including 5 Express Tunnels and 1 New Location Coming Soon!

Driving Unlimited Member Growth and Churn Reduction

Owner/partner Gary Baright and the Foam & Wash team were looking for solutions to drive new membership, reduce churn and expand their marketing and growth efforts. Their goal was to bring in marketing automation by integrating with their car wash Micrologic POS and provide a way to drive new cars to their sites, capture data about those new customers, drive ongoing communication, and reduce churn.

Techniques for Getting More Cars Onsite

Foam & Wash Implemented Welcomemat’s marketing platform for growth and churn reduction. The immediately launched perfect match digital ads through geofencing using Welcomemat’s data models, FlexText for email and SMS communication to new and existing members and non-member retail washers, and they incorporated a new website powered by Welcomemat’s google-friendly backend for higher visibility on search.

Foam & Wash wanted to also track which marketing channels drove membership conversion to see full attribution from various marketing campaigns.

Car Wash Marketing Success

Since launching, Foam & Wash’s marketing results and brand growth have been outstanding. Through tracking and attribution in Welcomemat’s GTX platform, Foam & Wash has been able to see the direct impact of the digital geo-fence on the amount of new member sign ups. This includes the amount of recurring revenue generated by each ad campaign. “Welcomemat has given us the ability to connect the dots between marketing campaigns and direct member growth – this is the first time we’ve been able to directly tie revenue to all of our marketing campaigns.” said Baright.

Trackable Revenue Through Successful Credit Card Updates

Foam & Wash has also seen a significant lift in successfully updating declining credit cards. Through the Welcomemat platform, we can track how many cards were updated through the FlexText email and sms automated messaging. Further, we are able to study how much in monthly recurring revenue was preserved through the process. When discussing churn reduction, Baright had this to say. “The impact on successful card updates was immediate for us as soon as we turned Welcomemat’s churn reduction feature. With clear visibility into how many credit cards get successfully updated each month, I can clearly see the amount of monthly recurring revenue we are able to preserve. This is huge for our team and the growth of our brand,”

Customer Data – Growth Engine

Foam & Wash has built a very large text club through FlexText where they are able to regularly communicate and segment data – targeting members with one set of messaging encouraging washing and targeting retail washers with different messaging. For example, messaging for new members encourages washing in the first 30 days of membership – improving retention. For non-members the communication speaks to the value and benefit of joining the unlimited wash club and encourage them to wash more regularly.

Welcomemat’s refer-a-friend program has successfully allowed Foam & Wash to drive leads from their existing members and retail washers effectively using current customers as additional lead generators.

Generating Online Reviews for Growth

Welcomemat has helped Foam & Wash generate more than a thousand reviews across their brand through a the FlexText program. Their current stars rating average across all sites is a fantastic 4.7 stars. Welcomemat also breaks down reviews by site allowing the Foam & Wash team to see client feedback for each location. This breakdown is helpful in uncovering training opportunities.

Winning Back Unlimited Members Who Left

Foam & Wash has also implemented the “win-back” campaigns. These campaigns give Foam & Wash the ability to reach out to members who left the system – and ask them to rejoin through a messaging sequence. They can track each member who comes back and the revenue it generates.

Car Wash Grand Openings

With a new express location opening this summer, Foam & Wash is excited to implement Welcomemat’s grand opening strategies that include trackable campaigns with direct mail, geo-fencing, and google. These campaigns will all be connected to member conversion and will create a fast ramp-up for the new Foam & Wash location.

The Welcomemat and Micrologic combined solution has helped Foam & Wash grow significantly, says Paul Distasio Vice President of Operations at Foam & Wash. “The automation through Micrologic allows all of our marketing and communication to run behind the scenes and allows us to focus on what we do best which is serving our members and customers. We highly recommend Welcomemat.”

Welcomemat – What’s New – Member Metrics  

Welcomemat is pleased to announce the beta roll out of Member Metrics for car wash marketing – this key dashboard gives car wash marketing users direct insight into the impact of their marketing campaigns! A much-requested addition to the current GTX marketing measurement dashboard, Member Metrics revolutionizes how we can convey results to clients. Member Metrics comes with a myriad of helpful features, such as the ability to review items like direct unlimited membership conversion from any marketing tool, track credit cards that get updated, and see how many members come back after you message them.  

This platform ensures our car wash clients know and understand how their marketing investment is impacting both their monthly recurring revenue and retail wash revenue.  

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