Marketing and POS Car Wash Updates

Jun 17, 2022

What’s New at Micrologic 

In May’s release updates, Micrologic has added several new features – here are a few notable updates:  

  • LogicPOS now has the ability to turn on, making phone/email available on Unlimited Sale – If you want more members, please at a minimum capture mobile phones. 
  • Kiosks can also be set for mandatory mobile capture – it is a best practice to capture member mobile phone numbers to increase potential growth. 
  • The kiosk now has upgraded functionality for LPR for a better customer experience.  
  • Four New App Settings have been added, allowing both LPR and RFID to be used at the same time! 
  • WashAssist now has the ability to limit unlimited club usage. 

Details and further information can be found in Micrologic’s May release notes.

Case Study – Northern NY Micrologic/Welcomemat Client – 12 Locations – 5 Express Sites   

Foam and Wash now has 12 Locations in New York, 5 Express Tunnels, and 1 New Location Coming Soon! 

Implemented Micrologic’s marketing modules for growth and churn reduction.  

Launched digital ads through geofencing, FlexText, email and SMS tools + incorporated new website and Google tools for higher visibility on search.   

Micrologic/Welcomemat Marketing Results Over the Past Several Months 

Direct New Monthly Membership Recurring Revenue from Digital Ad Targeting – $37,860 per mo 

Number of credit cards updated through SMS/Email Communication via SMS/Email – 1058 cards updated –  $31,815 in monthly recurring revenue 

Total Direct Text/Email Contacts Captured for Ongoing Marketing – 28,720 

Total Number of Friend Referrals – 1112 

Reviews Generated 1209 – 4.7 Star Average 

Annual Non-member Retail Wash Revenue Generated from Marketing – $144,780 

Lost members who were WON-Back Through Messaging – 272 – $8,180 in monthly recurring revenue 

Just launched Micrologic/Welcomemat dealer/partner program AND now using Micrologic/Welcomemat’s Grand Opening Marketing Packages for a new site launching this summer! 

Welcomemat – What’s New – Member Metrix  

Welcomemat is pleased to announce the beta roll out of Member Metrix for car wash marketing – this key dashboard gives car wash marketing users direct insight into the impact of their marketing campaigns! A much-requested addition to the current GTX marketing measurement dashboard, Member Metrix revolutionizes how we can convey results to clients. Member Metrix comes with a myriad of helpful features, such as the ability to review items like direct unlimited membership conversion from any marketing tool, track credit cards that get updated, and see how many members come back after you message them.  

This platform ensures our car wash clients know and understand how their marketing investment is impacting both their monthly recurring revenue and retail wash revenue.  

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