New Car Wash Marketing Ideas and Innovations

Apr 5, 2022

Welcome to The Tunnel! This newsletter is your one-stop shop for all things car wash POS and car wash marketing.

Micrologic and Welcomemat have joined together to bring you the latest updates on new technologies so you can stay up to date. In this newsletter, we will detail how to get the most out of Micrologic and its offerings, how to maximize your marketing through Welcomemat’s advanced marketing to drive member growth and reduce churn, introduce new ideas for growth, and explore case studies and best practices being used all over the nation.

If you want to learn how to grow your business through integrated POS/marketing, stay tuned!  

Car Wash Marketing Case Study

Case Study – Blue Sky – OHIO 

Let’s take a look at one of our clients, Blue Sky, and explore what our automated and integrated system offers to businesses. Blue Sky has 5 different locations in Ohio, with each location subscribing to the combined integrated Micrologic/Welcomemat system.

Micrologic provides WashAssist, a system that allows car wash owners to track live data on their customers, members, and revenue. On the marketing side, Welcomemat provides Unlimited club growth, SMS/EMAIL, Digital Ad Geofence, Churn Reduction Campaigns, Club Member Retention Campaigns, Google Review Increase Campaigns, and tech-driven integrated direct mail.  


  • Declining Credit Cards Updated in Past 45 Days Influenced by Welcomemat’s FlexText SMS/Email – 84
  • New Club Members Directly Attributed By Digital Geofence Ad Campaign 70 Days – 100+
  • Reachable FlexText Text/Email Club – 2350 people
  • Refer-A-Friend Leads Generated – 198
  • Birthday Club Members – 1185
  • Cost Per Marketing Lead – .98 cents (average is $8-$54 per lead)
  • Click Through Rates – 5.61% – (benchmark 0.6-1.5%)
  • Star Reviews for Google Growth Through Welcomemat’s FlexText – 251 new reviews– 90% 4 to 5 stars

Car Wash Marketing Dashboard (GTX)

Product Updates – Marketing with Welcomemat’s FlexText 

Have you deployed Welcomemat’s FlexText™ SMS and email platform?

Welcomemat and Micrologic have engineered FlexText, an SMS and email program designed to deliver automated messages that re-capture declining credit cards and increase stickiness of unlimited members.  

Several other campaigns have recently launched and are available as part of the FlexText™ program  – these include:

  • refer-a-friend
  • win-back campaigns for lost unlimited members
  • Google Review
  • Birthday Club
  • OIL change reminder service for lube customers
  • …and more

CHURN Reduction. Prompted by messages sent by FlexText, customers are notified when their credit card is expiring and are informed on how to update their information either through a website like Micrologic’s portal or at the site. We are pleased to announce that using the FlexText SMS and email platform, we can now track how many credit cards are updated so you can see a pure return on the effort.   

Have you ever wondered how to increase your number of memberships? Look no further than FlexText —  designed to ensure your membership numbers grow.  

Using your kiosk or POS screen, you can opt in members and begin communicating with them to grow revenue. FlexText is a key tool in knowing your customers and promoting your business efficiently.     

Did you know?  

The first 30 days after someone becomes an unlimited car wash member are the most VITAL in certifying stickiness and creating habits. Welcomemat’s “Welcome New VIP” SMS and email campaign is designed to help create habits – with a habit created, your chance of keeping a new member for the next 11 months increases by 40%.   

 FlexText doesn’t only send SMS – it uses email along with SMS to lift readership and mitigate SMS opt-outs. This killer combination doubles the chance of a customer being notified, increasing your chance of gaining or keeping a new member.  

Some examples of FlexText campaigns which implement this email/SMS duo are our “Come Back Win Back” and “Google Review with Stars” campaigns.  

Car Wash POS Headquarters

Company Updates – Micrologic Moves to New Headquarters  

Micrologic has moved! Our new headquarters is located at 28 Eastmans Rd Parsippany, NJ 07054. We have kept our clients our top priority, and our new building was chosen specifically for its size – the new building is big enough to accommodate growth, meaning we can better assist our clients and even take on more! We are excited to keep moving forward and help you grow your business!   

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We created this downloadable e-book to give you insights into marketing tools that can be used as part of your localized marketing strategy. ​