Northeast Car Wash Convention and Car Wash Marketing Updates

Sep 15, 2022

NRCC – Booth 855  

Welcomemat is going to NRCC in Atlantic City! Our booth number is 855 – we will be there from September 19 to 21! We have plenty of new products and campaigns that we cannot wait to demo for you. Stop by and see us – if you are arriving through the front doors – we are in the back left corner of the exhibit floor – BOOTH 855.   

Case Study – Sudzy Salmon   

On Monday, September 19, starting at 3:30 ET, come listen to the virtual wash tour in Atlantic City.   

Jason Woodward, Welcomemat and Micrologic user, will be taking you through a virtual tour of his Sudzy Salmon sites and sharing his thoughts on innovation, operations, and marketing.   

Sudzy Salmon has 3 total locations in Alaska including and 1 coming soon to Anchorage – all using the combined platform of Micrologic and integrated marketing through Welcomemat.   

Sudzy Salmon began using the Welcomemat platform early this year which included a grand opening for the new Wasilla location. Part of the grand opening included a postcard drop that was integrated with landing page and sms technology as well as Welcomemat’s perfect match digital campaign geofencing along with Welcomemat’s FlexText™ designed to drive membership and reduce churn through automated messaging 

Results –  

  • Over 1330 new members directly attributed to marketing efforts 
  • Over $40k per mo in recurring revenue attributed to marketing  
  • Conversion of 15% from marketing visitor to member 
  • 1663 Reviews – star rating 4.63 
  • 3394 Friend Referrals 
  • Decline Credit Cards Successfully Updated Through Flextext 898 
  • Monthly Recurring Revenue Saved From Credit Card Updates – $26,970 
  • 31 Members Won-Back Through Messaging  
  • Grand Opening Integrated Digital Postcard Redemption Rate – 21.4% 
  • Total contactable leads generated – 12,822

Welcomemat Rolls Out Service Application  

Welcomemat’s Service Application was designed for situations where you need to send an electronic free wash code to a consumer immediately! The application sits as a webpage on your iPad or tablet and gives a team member the ability to send a code to a customer right away. If you are doing maintenance and must shut down temporarily, your team could greet customers who are arriving and offer them a free wash code to use when the site is back up. If an experience wasn’t exactly as expected, your team could send a code for a wash for the customer to go through the tunnel again. The application tracks code distribution reasons such as “conveyer down” and allows you to track by site and location – this can also be tracked by employee.  

You can also be opting in these customers through the service application and capturing first party data. Your customers can be added to any number of text/email campaigns giving you the power to drive membership and up car counts. 

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Your Free e-book.

We created this downloadable e-book to give you insights into marketing tools that can be used as part of your localized marketing strategy. ​