POS and Car Wash Marketing Integration

Mar 15, 2022

A Partnership That Transforms Growth Potential  

By integrating POS (point of sale) systems and marketing tactics, Micrologic and Welcomemat Services have carved out the future of car wash marketing. Micrologic’s POS systems have been implemented in car washes and quick lubes for 16 years, revolutionizing how these businesses capture consumers. Dean Lecky, Vice President of Sales at Micrologic, has been responsible for the direction and management of the sales and business development process since 2006. With his leadership, Micrologic has helped car washes grow their businesses with state of the art technologies. Micrologic and Welcomemat Services entered a partnership in 2020, forever changing the way car washes maintain customer loyalty. Since 2003, Welcomemat Services has transfigured car wash marketing through executing the latest tactics and technologies under the leadership of CEO Brian Mattingly. Serving hundreds of car washes across the nation, Welcomemat Services’ involvement with these businesses has proven paramount to the exponential growth of customer loyalty and membership retention. Applying their knowledge from each side of the car wash business, Micrologic and Welcomemat Services have come together to form a powerful partnership that increases growth and ensures retention.  

How POS/Marketing Integration Improves the Car Wash Business  

Using the newest technologies, Micrologic’s POS systems have drastically changed the way car washes target consumers. Implementing systems such as touch screen point of sale terminals, wireless handheld devices and gated car wash pay station systems with multiple lanes, Micrologic handles consumers in a way that ensures growth. Combining Welcomemat Services’ knowledge of marketing tactics with Micrologic’s POS systems has been instrumental in transforming the growth potential of car washes. Working together, Micrologic and Welcomemat services improve the car wash business by increasing new customer acquisition while tracking results through POS systems, remarketing to new customers by promoting membership plans, and integrating text and email to encourage habit formation and establish customer loyalty. The application of text and email proves crucial to promoting business growth – by executing these technologies, Welcomemat Services can encourage customers to leave Google reviews, follow up with customers who canceled their membership plans and win them back, and create holiday calendars for both members and non-members.  

The Proof is In the Pudding  

The partnership of Micrologic and Welcomemat Services has real life implications. Joe Zink, the owner and operator of Ship Shape Car Wash and Clean N’ Classy in Minnesota and Wisconsin, has 25 years of experience in the car wash business. Zink has been applying Micrologic’s POS systems at his car washes for 15 years, seeing a dramatic change in the way he is able to capture consumers. Nine months ago, Zink decided to start working with Welcomemat Services along with Micrologic to improve his businesses. Since beginning to work with the integration, Zink has seen an exponential growth in unlimited wash memberships. In the past 60 days, Zink has gained 5,000 new members, producing the most revenue and membership retention at his newest Clean N’ Classy location. Welcomemat Services’ text club technologies have proven pivotal to his success in maintaining retention – since implementing Welcomemat’s FlexText programs at his car washes, Zink has grown his text club to 4,983 members in just the past 128 days.   

POS Systems and Marketing Tactics: A Killer Combination  

When POS systems are combined with marketing tactics to improve growth potential, the results are astounding. The beauty of Micrologic and Welcomemat Services’ partnership lies in the sophisticated technologies and strategies coming together to target new customers. Using POS systems such as license plate recognition, capturing phone numbers, simple menu signs with effective graphics, and instructional signs at the beginning and end of car wash tunnels, Micrologic handles the technical side of finding consumers to sign up for unlimited memberships. Once Micrologic has primed consumers with constructive technologies, Welcomemat Services steps in with their knowledge of marketing. One of the most important aspects of promoting membership growth is the creation of an effective website. By possessing the correct tools in the infrastructure of a website, car washes can target new customers and reduce churn. Creating a proper website also secures a car wash’s potential of being found easily on Google, increasing the rate at which new customers find the business. The most important role a website plays in membership growth is through capturing consumer data – data gives Welcomemat Services an endless supply of information to use to market and remarket potential customers. Welcomemat Services also encourages car washes to create a Google My Business account. By simply posting pictures and updating important information such as business hours on Google My Business, a car wash improves their chances of being found on Google.  

Another important tactic used by Welcomemat Services is geofencing. By executing Perfect Match Digital Ads on Facebook and Instagram, Welcomemat Services can target potential customers who either live in a specific location or will commute by it frequently. So how does Perfect Match work? By selecting traits of highly likely car washers and targeting people in a specific area, Perfect Match combines geographical location with consumer behaviors and interests to find the right audience to market to. After confirming the audience, Welcomemat Services can then provide an offer (usually a free car wash) to potential customers. When the customer clicks “Get Offer” on a Perfect Match Digital Ad, the company is then able to capture their data. The data is then used to remarket the customer within 48 hours of them receiving their offer code – after two days, the customer receives an unlimited wash membership offer through text, email, and ads on digital platforms. By combining the use of text, email, and digital platforms, Welcomemat Services triples the chance of a customer accepting the unlimited wash membership offer. Perfect Match Digital Ads also allow the company to track when a customer comes, their usage of the car wash, and membership conversion. Working with Micrologic, Welcomemat Services is also able to use their dashboard to see cost-per-lead. Perfect Match Digital Ads are not only limited to Facebook and Instagram – the ads can now be seen on Waze and Nextdoor.  

Finding the Right Audience  

When you target the right people, you gain longtime customers. By using Perfect Match, Welcomemat Services seeks out the perfect customer and captures their data. Once a customer has accepted an unlimited wash membership offer, the company steps in to ensure their loyalty. Welcomemat Services has found that when a customer washes their car four times in the first month of their membership, the likelihood of them still being a member 11 months later is 40% higher. Thus, using FlexText, the company then sends the customer a text every Friday during their first month of membership to urge them to come to the car wash. FlexText is also used to win back customers who cancel their memberships. Once a customer cancels, Welcomemat Services sends a text after 60 days encouraging the customer to reinstate their membership. The FlexText program is the key to maintaining customer loyalty – when a customer receives regular texts about their membership or offers, they are more likely to engage with the car wash.   

Reducing Churn

Churn rates are the bane of a business’ success. Churn can cause massive loss of revenue. Finding ways to reduce churn is decisive to a business’ ability to maintain growth. By combining their knowledge, Micrologic and Welcomemat Services have found effective ways to reduce churn and increase membership retention. From the technical side, Micrologic implements their Decline Minimizer technology to automatically charge customers’ new cards without them having to come into the car wash by using tokenization. The Decline Minimizer drastically reduces churn by cutting out the middleman – since customers don’t even have to leave their house to update their card, they are more likely to keep returning to the car wash. When Micrologic is unable to update a customer’s card, Welcomemat Services steps in with their FlexText program. When a customer’s card needs to be updated, FlexText will automatically send the customer a text urging them to update their card number. Along with the texts, the customer will also receive an email, doubling the chances of them updating their card and returning to the car wash.   

No More Fuss: POS/Marketing Integration and Its Effectiveness in Increasing Membership  

The effectiveness of POS/Marketing integration lies in its ability to make the difficult aspects of running a car wash business happen behind the scenes. Car wash owners no longer have to deal with the nitty gritty of marketing their own businesses – through the integration of POS and marketing, car wash owners don’t have to worry about managing disparate systems, performing cumbersome reporting, running data reports from multiple locations, or ordering codes and trying to implement them themselves. Micrologic and Welcomemat Services work together to take charge of these inconvenient realities and ensure operations run smoothly. By combining POS systems with marketing tactics, car washes can grow their businesses and membership rates like never before. From a technical standpoint, Micrologic applies state of the art technologies to reach consumers when they come to the car wash. From a marketing standpoint, Welcomemat Services implements strategies to target the right audience, capture customer data, remarket customers, secure new members, and certify member loyalty. By working together, Micrologic and Welcomemat Services greatly increase a car wash’s unlimited wash membership growth and retention rate – truly a match made in heaven. 

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