5 Reasons to Use Welcomemat’s Postcard Marketing Program

Sep 12, 2020

Welcomemat Service’s postcard marketing program can help grow your business no matter the industry, product or audience.

Our Perfect Match Postcard Program can help your business reach the perfect customers with trackable and targeted direct mail postcards.

Here are 5 reasons to use our postcard marketing program:

1. Professional custom designs

Our team of skilled designers will bring your ideas to life by creating a unique postcard specific to your business and brand. Each direct mail postcard is personalized to include the recipient’s name and a personalized greeting. This strategy is customized to help reach your marketing goals.

2. Target your ideal customer

You won’t have to waste money or resources with our effective program. We can provide recommendations on who your “perfect match” customers are. Welcomemat uses a proprietary data algorithm to target the ideal consumers in your industry. Our company utilizes 15+ years of data to help clients reach the best customers for their business.

Welcomemat goes a step further than other direct mail marketing companies with our complimentary customization and premium selection options. If your business already has a specific demographic in mind, you can select which targeted population receives the mailing.

This includes choosing the consumer’s gender, income and age. Our premium selections allow you to choose options such as pet interest, political party, education level, presence of pool and more!

3. Proprietary data-tracking technology

It’s important to implement marketing strategies that are measurable. Welcomemat tracks your postcard’s success by using our patented data tracking technology. Detailed monthly reports on how many customers redeemed your offer will give you better insight on your customer profiles.

Not only will you be reaching your target demographic, but you will find new customers in the process. Tracking of redemption volume is a major benefit and gives our program long-term value.

4. Customize for the season

If you’re a business that prefers short-term commitment, then our program is for you! Your business can increase sales without being locked into an agreement. You can customize a postcard for any season to grab the attention of your customers.

Our customized postcards are great for grand openings, holidays and special events. Although this is a one-time strategic growth push, clients keep coming back to create more successful marketing pieces.

5. Offer your clients a gift

Our clients at Welcomemat offer ‘gifts’ to customers who receive the direct mail postcards. This makes customers feel appreciative and builds relationships within the community.

Offering something for free or at a discount might push them to try your business if they haven’t already. Hopefully new and existing customers will come back for more after receiving your ‘gift.’

Welcomemat’s Perfect Match Postcards see redemption rates much higher than national averages. The customized design and detailed audience targeting are what sets us apart from other direct mail marketing.

Contact us to learn more about our Perfect Match Postcards!

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