A couple that just moved into a new home. The man is pushing the woman around the living room in a moving box.

Why Target New Movers

Why Target New Movers?

Get that data behind our turn key marketing strategy

New movers are nobody’s customers! The Welcomamat new mover marketing program has
been helping the local business community connect with their highest value new customer for 15 years!

A infographic image of the new mover lifecycle from move in to 12 months post move describing when Welcomemat reaches new movers with marketing.

New Movers are the Highest Value Audience Your Business Can Reach

Knowing that new residents typically develop 72 new business relationships within one year of moving
Welcomemat saw the need to connect local business owners with the new residents that
move into their neighborhood. Based on the stages of the new mover life cycle we’ve
developed a precisely timed new mover marketing program to establish long term business loyalties.

a white simple icon of 'Five Times' to represent that new movers are five time more loyal than existing residents.


Since new movers have no local business loyalties, data shows that they are five times more likely to be loyal to your business if you reach them first. Welcomemat’s new mover marketing helps you reach them before they hear about your competitors.

A white simple icon of '170 Billion' to represent that new movers spend more money than settled residents.


Because new movers are adjusting to a new environment they are most likely to also adjust their spending habits. Studies show that new movers spend more in their first six months than a typical consumer does in 3 years!

A white simple icon of '8%-50%' to represent the average redemption rates of the welcomemat new mover marketing program.


By targeting a high value audience that is most likely to form new consumer habits we see redemption rates for our clients anywhere between 8% – 50%. — Much higher than the average direct mail response rate of .5% -1%.


According to the Census Bureau, 17%-20% of all Americans will move each year.
If you’re looking to attract new customers and grow your business, new movers are
the highest value audience! They have no other business loyalties and are most open to change.
Attracting customers away from competitors can be very expensive and difficult.
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