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Why Target New Movers?

Targeted Direct Mail Marketing for New Customers

Capture new movers and grow your local business with the Welcomemat New Mover Marketing Program.

New Movers are the Highest Value Audience Your Business Can Reach

Grow Your Business with New Customers Every Month by Leveraging New Local Residents!

New movers are nobody’s customers yet, and studies show that new movers are 5X more likely to remain loyal customers to your business than current residents. Reach new residents quickly and grow your loyal customer base month after month.


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As a Welcomemat client, you maintain industry exclusivity in your mailing area within your industry type. This benefit ensures that you reach new movers with the most enticing offer first, increasing your customer acquisitioning rate and maximizing your new customer loyalty trends.


Get access to the most accurate new mover mailing list layered with Welcomemat’s proprietary data targeting to reach a fresh set of new movers every month. Then, our patented tracking technology will track the redemptions of your mailers for long term ROI tracking.


After your Welcomemat is redeemed we’ll auto generate a customized remarketing thank you card to reconnect with your new customers, thank them for their business, and remind them of their experience at your business. Thanking your customer will further instill loyalty to your business.


We Find You New Customers.
You Focus on Your Business.

With Welcomemat’s turn key new mover marketing program our clients experience redemption rates as high as 50% and loyal-customer revenue growth as high as 400% of their Welcomemat investment.

Knowing that new residents typically develop 72 new business relationships within one year of moving Welcomemat saw the need to connect local business owners with the new residents that move into their neighborhood. Based on the stages of the new mover life cycle we’ve developed a precisely timed new mover marketing program to establish long term business loyalties.

See how small business owners are using Welcomemat’s new mover marketing program for their own business growth.

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