10 Best Pizza Neighborhoods of 2018

“Pizza brings family and friends together” said Brian Mattingly, CEO of Welcomemat Services. As a company that focuses on the important influences that local business owners have on the community, we wanted to celebrate the pizza restaurant owners that keep the love of pizza alive and thriving! For the second year in a row, in honor of National Pizza Pie Day on February 9th, Welcomemat has ranked the 10 Best Pizza Neighborhoods of 2018.

With approximately 61,269 pizza restaurants in the United States, it’s safe to say that pizza is a popular staple in every neighborhood making the task of picking the 10 areas with the most passion for pizza difficult. To narrow neighborhoods we used the internal big data figures we’ve been accumulating for our 15 years in business to rank areas based on multiple factors such as: their Welcomemat gift redemptions, the volume of pizza restaurants in the area, and neighborhood friendliness/accessibility.  Even then, we had trouble picking 10! Check out the 10 Best Pizza Neighborhoods of 2018 and the 5 runner ups below.

10. Uptown – New Orleans, Louisiana

If you only know one thing about New Orleans, it’s most likely that their most famous dish is jambalaya. Now take that and put it on a pizza like some restaurants in NOLA do – what a combination of flavors!

9. Cornelius, North Carolina

With pork BBQ playing such an important role in the heritage and history of North Carolina, it should come as no surprise that BBQ pizza is on most pizza menus across the state. The real question is which type of sauce you’ll have – East North Carolina vinegar or Piedmont/Lexington ketchup based?

8. Woodinville/Bothell, Washington

Washington is one of the few places you will find salmon as a pizza topping option! With a surprisingly large volume of NY style pizza restaurants, Washington differentiates their pizza with their toppings. From salmon to Greek salad you can find all sorts of interesting topping combinations for your pizza!

7. Little Five Points – Atlanta, Georgia

Little 5 Points is a unique neighborhood nestled in Atlanta, Georgia. This tight neighborhood even created a pizza for themselves – the “Little 5 Special” – it comes topped with 5 types of meat, including meatballs!

6. Bolingbrook, Illinois

Bolingbrook is a southwest suburb of Chicago, so you are sure to find a deep-dish pizza at any pizzeria you visit. This type of Chicago-style pizza is made almost like a pie, with a deep layer of dough that goes up the sides of a high-sided pan –and the sauce is on top if the cheese!

5. Parkland, Florida

In 2017, Parkland’s neighbor, Fort Lauderdale, held their first pizza festival, and it was such a hit that they ran out of pizza and beer. Hopefully the festival is a tradition they will continue, just with more pizza!

4. Marietta, Georgia

The official state fruit of Georgia is the peach, so why not throw that on a pizza? Whether it’s on a dessert pizza, or on a hot pizza with bacon and jalapeños, this Georgian pizza is worth a try!

3. East Naples, Florida

Looking for Neapolitan style pizza in Naples, FL. Good News– You can find plenty of it! The Margherita Pizza is a classic style of pizza that originated in Naples, Italy with simple pizza ingredients: tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil– You can’t go wrong there!

2. Glen Mills, Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is home to the philly cheesesteak sandwich which is made up of sliced sautéed ribeye beef, and melted cheese. So just as you’d expect from this Philly suburb, they took the beef & cheese, put them on a pizza, and created the philly cheesesteak pizza!

1. Franklin, Tennessee

Tennessee is known for its music scene, so it should come as no surprise that you can find pizzas dedicated to great musicians, such as Elvis Presley!


With such strong pizza popularity across the country we felt it important to also recognize our top 5 runner ups in the search for passionate pizza neighborhoods. These 5 areas have strong pizza communities filled with great pizza restaurant owners and loyal pizza customers!

Evans, Georgia

Summerville, South Carolina

Northeast Wichita, Kansas

Hockessin, Delaware

North West Bradenton, Florida

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