3 Hiring Tips for Small Business Owners

Aug 18, 2021

Small Business Hiring Season Ideas

The time has come again! As school starts up, local small businesses start losing some of their most valuable employees from the summer months! Hiring school-aged employees is a great way to boost your staff during the summer season, but it always comes with the inevitable hiring crunch in the fall. We’ve put together a few great hiring tips for small businesses so that you can maintain a fantastic staff all year long.

Start early

At the beginning of the summer, it’s easy to tell how your fall hiring will go. Check in with your employees so you know their plans for the start of school – some local students will want to stay with your business, but will have to shift or minimize their hours to accommodate their class schedule. Start a tally of how many employees you think you’ll need to replace come the end of summer, and start at least a month in advance.

Hire in waves

With the staggered start dates for different school districts and levels of education, knowing when your employees’ last days will be can be a struggle. Once you’ve established their end dates, hire new employees to replace them in waves. This will allow existing employees to train the newbies as they arrive without experiencing the effects of a brain drain.

Look for a great core team

While seasonal employees are a great addition to your staff, nothing beats having a tight-knit and highly reliable core team. With a solid group of just a few dedicated workers, you’ll find your hiring process flows much more smoothly. Experienced team members can train up new staff members and even help in the interviewing and candidate search process, as they can be a great resource to find other good employees.

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