4 Tips To Market Your Car Wash

Oct 5, 2021

Tips on Marketing Your Car Wash and Increasing Car Counts

Owning a car wash can be hard, but marketing to new customers and gaining lifelong clients doesn’t have to be.

Some people treat their cars like their children, so the need to keep it clean and in top condition is alive and well – the matter is just how to get patrons to your car wash over others, and this is where these car wash marketing tips roll into play. By following these tips you are taking a step in the right tunnel!

Get Reviews For Your Car Wash!

Google reviews and Facebook reviews are sites that people check before trying a new place whether it be a car wash, a restaurant, or a doctor’s office. Having positive reviews could really gain you some business. As a car was owner, you could even go the extra mile and offer incentives to those customers that do leave reviews – people that post a worthwhile review could receive a promotion towards their next car wash or get a credit towards their unlimited wash club membership, for example.

Thank Your Customers

As a consumer, there is nothing like receiving a personalized thank you note from a business recently visited, especially if it’s from somewhere the consumer just tried for the first time. A thank you card is very personal and authentic, which really goes a long way with people. There are great companies out there that make it easy to do this – companies can generate automatic thank you cards that get sent out to your new visitors. This saves you a giant step, but still gets that personalized and meaningful thank you card to your new customers.

Keep Your Website & Social Media Up-To-Date

Having a website that is user friendly yet attractive will let people know that you are current and serious about your business. Social media is also important to have and keep current as it is a great way to engage with your followers and reach out to new potential patrons. If you receive a question, answer it in a timely manner. Be sure to ‘like’ the posts where your business is mentioned and ‘comment’ saying thank you or whatever response the post calls for. Create related posts for holidays, say happy birthday to your followers – do whatever is necessary to ensure you are interacting with your followers on social media. While there are many positive sides to social media, there are also negative reviews – and knowing how to deal with these is critical. You must know how to respond accordingly and kindly if put in this situation, so that you can turn any negative into a positive.

Connect With Your Community

This last tip is a great way to really get those car counts up. When you start promoting your carwash locally and hold events that benefit both you and your community, the respect and appreciation will really start rolling in – which in turn will gain you new customers. Host a fundraiser where proceeds go to local schools, damage relief, hospitals, etc. Invite a local band to come play or have local bakeries or restaurants come while people get their cars washed. People take time out of their days and weekends to go to your carwash to get their cars cleaned, so make your car wash a fun outing for families.

If you want to reach the new movers in your area before anyone else, contact Welcomemat Services to help grow your carwash business. Our results have been proven by many other carwash owners – see the testimonials for yourself!

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