5 Businesses to Prepare for Back to School

Aug 10, 2021

For many parts of the US, school is back in session! Commutes are getting longer, and plans for the next few months have begun to revolve around school calendars. For some businesses, this change can mean a decline in their number of customers as the days are filled with school activities. However, for others, the back to school weeks mark a sudden spike in business.


Retail stores are seeing a boost as parents bring their kids in for the latest in fall fashions to prepare them for their first weeks back at school. Make sure to set up tables and racks with suggested outfits for kids, who are always excited to show off your wares to their friends!


Many schools ask for children’s prescriptions to be delivered to the nurse’s office for administration, meaning parents will be making their first runs to the pharmacy to make sure their child’s medication can be delivered on time.


Barring major holidays, nothing beats the school lunch rush for grocery stores! Snack packs, sandwich materials, and interesting new foods fly off the shelves as parents prepare to whip up daily lunches. Reflect this in your store organization, and be sure to stock up on snack sizes.


If you know any teachers, you know that on the first week of school, their desks are often filled with snacks and sweet treats – and your community’s bakers are working overtime to make sure those orders are filled. Make sure to offer themed recipes – school-themed décor or local school colors are a great idea!


For the slightly older kids, it can be very important to have the latest hair style as well. Get ready for an influx of teens by brushing up on celebrity ‘dos from the summer season, and make sure your young clients have great tips for how to take care of their new style in their busy mornings.

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