As Nashville Grows, New Movers Flock

Jul 13, 2018

Welcomemat’s patented new mover data reporting was recently featured in the news for showcasing how the economic growth in Nashville, TN has impacted population growth.

Earlier this year Forbes named Nashville number #7 on their annual list of America’s fastest growing cities – quite a jump from its #20 ranking in 2017. The economic momentum in Nashville pushed us at Welcomemat to explore how the economic growth has impacted the new mover volume in the Tennessee area in and around Nashville.

The story was picked up by WKRN, a Nashville news station, and aired on TV earlier this week.

As Nashville Grows, New Movers Flock

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Welcomemat’s proprietary data models compile the most accurate new mover list in each zip code across the country. We can then compare the data year over year to establish trends in new mover and population growth.

When we looked at the United States overall, we saw the highest new mover growth in the 37203 zip code-The Gulch neighborhood of Nashville, TN which saw a 46% increase in May 2017 versus May 2018.

Looking closer into the greater Nashville area we saw significant growth in other areas including Green Hills with a 14% increase, Signal Mountain with a 9% increase, and North Chattanooga with a 7% increase.

In the story Megan Tremblay, Marketing Manger at Welcomemat said, “As you see the new mover volume go up, you also see the local business volume go up and vice versa. So this is really creating a sense of community, and I think that’s what consumers and movers are looking for. Looking for where can I move that I’ll have that sense of community and then that all comes together to create that thriving attractive residency that new movers want to move to.”

Welcomemat uses our patented new mover data to connect local business owners with new residents in their community. We know that local ‘regular’ customers are pivotal to local business profitability.

Our hyper locally focused marketing reaches new residents before they form business loyalties to ensure they become your customer first, making them 5X more likely to stay loyal.

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