Building a New Mover Marketing List

Mar 6, 2021

Eclipsing the Competition: How to Use a New Mover List

As we watched the eclipse this week, it gave us something to think about: what are some great ways that your small business can eclipse the competition?

One of the best methods small businesses have to get a leg up on their competitors is through the use of a new mover list – just a compilation of the names and addresses of folks who’ve recently moved into their community. So how can this list help you eclipse the competition? Let us count the ways.

New movers are nobody’s customer.

New community members haven’t yet visited your competitors or established their loyalties. Instead of spending to pry customers away from your competition, just invite fresh faces through your door with an invitation sent out to your new mover list!

New movers become more loyal.

Studies show that new movers are 5 times more likely to become loyal customers! Imagine the power of inviting in new residents who have such a high potential of coming back again and again.

New movers are ready to try your business.

New movers tend to change many things over the course of moving – a surprising number of changes, in fact! Movers are even likely to change their toothpaste preferences, demonstrating that during a move, they have high potential to switch their existing loyalties – whether that be their favorite pizza place, their preferred plumber, or their children’s dentist.

With so many reasons that new movers are great new customers, leveraging your new mover list has never been a better marketing strategy. Let us help you get started today!

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