Business Owners’ Quick-Start Guide for Small Business Success

Dec 19, 2021

With the new year peaking around the corner, there’s no time left to procrastinate setting your business plan for the coming year.

If you’re finding yourself stuck and lacking a starting point, then this is the guide for you. Welcomemat Services has pulled together your new year’s operational business plan quick-start guide. Use this guide as a starting point for setting your local business success in the coming year.

Planning Your Time

Create a thorough outline of all tasks and responsibilities that you need to accomplish to keep your business successful. Decide how long you need to accomplish these tasks and who on your team will oversee getting them completed. Create a schedule that allocates the appropriate amount of time each week for accomplishing these tasks. Be sure to work backwards from key deadlines and allocate time for local marketing efforts!

Hiring and Training Your Staff

It’s important to recognize that your employees are a direct reflection of your business! Provide necessary training both for new employees and ongoing employees to ensure that your team is confident, consistent, and keeping true to your company mission and values. Get regular feedback from your staff about what they need to be more successful at your company and value their opinions and thoughts.

Checking and Ordering Inventory

Being prepared with the right amount of inventory is important for any successful business. Make a high estimate on how much you will need to produce, and then order a little more. Also, be sure that you have a plan to keep track of your inventory so that you can be more precise for 2019’s business plan!

Setting Goals and Budgets

When growing your business, it’s important to set attainable goals and have key milestones laid out. By providing yourself with goals you’re going to feel secure in your priorities and benefit from the sense of accomplishment when you meet those goals, motivating you toward the next goal in line. Make sure that your goals are tracking their return of investment and other key metrics to your business. By having goals set, you can plan how and where you are going to spend your time and money most successfully.

Consider this list a starting point for building your new year’s operational success plan. And know that if you’re struggling to keep all pieces of your business successful, you are not alone. Planning is key, but sometimes it can’t accomplish everything. Remember that Welcomemat Services offers local business marketing plans to bring new customers to your business every month, so there’s one thing off your task list!

Rocket Fuel for Business Growth

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Your Free e-book.

We created this downloadable e-book to give you insights into marketing tools that can be used as part of your localized marketing strategy. ​