Checklist every local business owner should follow—Get your Free eBook!

By Max Patel, September 21, 2016.

What’s more important than getting more customers?

The answer is getting the right stream of customers who can easily become your new loyal customers.

Experts say that about 1 in 4 people in the US move every year.

Did you know that a new mover is 5 times more likely to become your loyal customer than an settled local resident?

Find more insights into how you can target new movers in your area and get a chance to generate strong customer loyalty.

Write to us today to see how you can introduce your business to new movers in your area and gain new loyal customers.

We at Welcomemat have put together an important checklist for any local business or merchant who wants to nurture a thriving base of loyal customers.

The first item on the checklist is building relationships with your customers. Customers love it when they are made to feel special, cared for, and recognized as valuable to their favorite businesses.

Check out Welcomemat’s checklist for the timeless marketing strategies that help cultivate customer loyalty.

Build a strong customer relationship


Personalize their experience


Offer a solution to their problem


Think about their customer journey


Provide attentive and devoted customer service


Appreciate their visit with a “Thank you” card


These are just a few of the many useful tips you can follow to stay ahead of your competition. Download our FREE eBook to learn more about what it takes to come out on top of your competition as a local business owner—and what it takes to stay there.