Don’t miss out on these powerful ideas to make sure your customers come again!

By Max Patel, March 21, 2016.

It is no secret that a repeat customer at your store can get you a much higher return value as compared to a one-time visitor. A repeat customer is more likely to order more, become a word-of-mouth advocate or even be more willing to provide important feedback.

Once you have defined a strategy to get new visitors to your business, it is equally important that you create a plan for building long-term loyalty. Rewarding them with a gift the first time they visit your store is a great way by to start the long term relationship and build the base that will have them coming back time and time again.  Below is an important checklist every small business owner should follow to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty through a healthy customer experience journey.


1) Welcome them with a smile…every time

Whether you own a single location independent business or a fully staffed franchise, it’s extremely important to train your staff to be warm and welcoming at all times. This positive interaction goes a long way in the overall customer experience and is one of the cornerstones to building a strong loyal relationship.


2) Define your reward program strategy

A loyal customer not only comes back but also brings two!

The first rule of building customer loyalty is to initiate a customer’s next visit even before they leave the first time. Having a rewards program for your business helps you do just that. A simple thank you card can create a connection that will last for years and adding a loyalty rewards program can increase customer visits and spend.


3) Local “day” promotions

Our last post highlighted the top ways to build a customer base and the importance of networking in your local neighborhood. This couldn’t be stressed enough when it comes to identifying opportunities for repeat visits. Always be on the lookout for events happening in the neighborhood or even national celebratory days and be prepared to roll out thematic promotions like Easter Promotions, St. Patrick’s Day Specials and many more throughout the year.


4) Value customer retention

Make sure that your customers with high profitability are retained and leave satisfied every time they walk out or do business with you. This could be a large group or even a single customer. Both have the power of flocking loads of referrals. As a business owner, it is important you identify the set of customers who bring you the highest business value. It will be worth your attention and will eventually get you a good return. Some business owners will even use their point-of-sale system to score their most profitable customers.


5) Make your engaging excuse

As a business owner it is extremely important that you constantly engage with your customers. Always find an excuse to send out a message, promotion, reward to your customer. With the growth in information and data around us and systems to help translate, we can do this in a number of different ways right from automated marketing campaigns, engaging social posts to personalized email campaigns.


6) Gather and Conquer

Document and build out that group of loyal customers who can be given specific promotions and rewards every once in a while. Talk to groups personally. Note the fact that they will not only have good things to share within their peers but are also most likely to give out referrals. Treat this as your tailored list stepping towards a loyal customer base.


We at Welcomemat understand the importance of getting repeat customers to your businesses and have already identified the right strategy to increase your customer loyalty by reaching out to new movers who have the highest probability of becoming loyal.



About the author:

Max PatelMax Patel is our communications manager & helps the marketing team build campaigns & programs for business owners to get new loyal customers.