Do you want customers with the highest probability of becoming loyal?

By Max Patel, April 22, 2016.

Loyalty is the gold standard in customers for small business and local merchants. In fact, the backbone of most small business is their regular customer base.

One segment of the population that can deliver the highest amount of new regulars for local merchants is a segment that is often overlooked. Before I disclose this coveted group of consumers, let me get your attention.

Think about this. You are transferred with your job to Tulsa OK from Kansas City. Tulsa is a wonderful city and one you are looking forward moving to. You pack up your belongings and move to Tulsa.

Everything you had in your daily life in Kansas City has been taken away from you. When you land in Tulsa you have to find all new business services. From a new hair salon to a new vet for your pet to your new favorite restaurant – you have to find these of things that you previously had in Kansas City.

This situation provides huge opportunity for those opportunistic small businesses that are looking to gain from you moving in to the area.

It is the new movers coming into the community who are the coveted group of consumers. Because, if, as a small business or local merchant, you are able to quickly invite in that person or family who just moved into the community into your establishment (with a gift) – then your upside for gaining a new loyal customer is extremely high.

Brands ranging from Target to Coca-Cola know that moving is an extremely important time from a marketing perspective. Brands change, habits are formed and loyalty can be gained.

Increase customer loyalty by targeting new movers.

See how local businesses across the nation have benefited from this idea.

Explore more on what you can do with this new set of customers or leave us a note for a brief consultation on how we can work together to identify untapped opportunities in your neighborhood.

About the author:

Max PatelMax Patel is our communications manager & helps the marketing team build campaigns & programs for business owners to get new loyal customers.