Turnkey EDDM® Mapping Tool & Mailing

Dec 20, 2021

Welcomemat’s advanced EDDM Mapping Tool & Mailing Service allows you to target local neighborhoods down to the subdivision level to find your best customers in a cost-effective way!

Welcomemat can take care of all aspects of your Every Door Direct Mail® campaigns while integrating powerful online tracking!

  1. Utilize Welcomemat’s EDDM Mapping Tool to explore & select the ideal carrier routes and audience for your business
  2. Let Welcomemat’s team of experts cover the design, production and delivery of your EDDM postcards to save on time and maximize your results
  3. Leverage Welcomemat’s integrated EDDM tracking options to blend your offline EDDM mailing with online capabilities

5 Simple Steps to Send Your Next EDDM Mailing

Planning your next EDDM mailing is easy with Welcomemat Services. Our full-service EDDM mapping tool & technology allows you to schedule and design your campaign in just 5 simple steps. And our team of experts is readily available to advise on anything from EDDM postcard sizes, requirements, printing and postage cost.

Select Your Routes and Audience

By using our EDDM mapping tool, you are able to select your custom mailing routes and audience. Drill down to the neighborhood level and explore the ideal mail carrier routes for targeting and driving leads to your business. Review data points such as household size and income for helping you decide the best routes for your business.

Turnkey EDDM® Mapping Tool & Mailing

Select Your Dates

Select the delivery dates for your EDDM mailing to land in your local market. Select your targeted timing which can be as quick as 7 business days for delivery or schedule an EDDM mailing further out.

Turnkey EDDM® Mapping Tool & Mailing

Select Your EDDM Sizes

Welcomemat’s decades of experience have helped us determine some optimal EDDM sizes for driving response with your EDDM campaign. Our large full-color EDDM postcard sizes are build to stand out:

  • 6″ x 11″
  • 4.25″ x 12″
  • 6.25″ x 9″

Turnkey EDDM® Mapping Tool & Mailing

Upload Your Logo and We’ll Create an Eye-Catching Design

Simply send us your logo and any relevant images, and our team will create several professional design selections for your review. Our expert designers use tested methods for laying out design to create the strongest response. Creative elements are an important piece of any direct mail campaign. Leave it to Welcomemat to use our experience to create the best EDDM postcard design, or upload your own design if you already have one.

Turnkey EDDM® Mapping Tool & Mailing

Sit Back and Enjoy Your Campaign Results

Once you’ve completed these quick & easy steps using our full-service EDDM mapping tool & technology, our team will take care of the EDDM printing, mailing and delivery. You can just sit back and enjoy your campaign results! If you used our landing page or call tracking features to bridge offline and online, you will be able to monitor online tracking data as well.

Turnkey EDDM® Mapping Tool & Mailing


Powerful Boosted Tracking Options for Your EDDM Mailing!

Landing Page Design, Hosting & Tracking

  1. Professionally designed and optimized landing page.
  2. Stunning landing page drives further interest from EDDM mailing.
  3. Inbound lead capture and full-service landing page reporting.

Call Tracking

  1. Landing page will display a unique tracking number that directs to your desired phone line.
  2. Full-service reporting when visitors dial your unique number.
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