All you need to know about the hidden new customers in your area

Team Archives, April 26, 2016.

Do you remember the first time you moved? What about the hassles of finding new companies to trust with your money for goods and services? Marketing towards new residents in your area is a very cost effective means to convert potential customers into loyal customers.

By reaching out to new movers first, local businesses have the opportunity to shape their shopping habits. As these individuals start fresh in a new area, new movers are ready to buy. These customers are faced with new needs and will be on the immediate lookout for businesses to provide them with services and products to fill their daily needs.

Do your windows require different sized window treatments or curtains? Do you need to hire a new company for your landscaping service? What about a new grocery store, or even a new hair stylist? New movers are exposed to numerous businesses and are challenged with selecting nearby businesses and retail venues to form relationships with.

Effective marketers have realized the importance in reaching these customers. By directing your marketing efforts towards these potential customers, you gain the ability to expose your products and services first and create a lasting relationship.

To maintain this relationship, it is encouraged to make personal connections with these individuals to build trust. This is the basis of transforming a new face into a loyal, “regular” customer.

new mover customers