Find the Right Direct Mail Marketing Services

Mar 21, 2020

It’ll be a new year and decade, so now is a great time to update your marketing plan. Start the year off by evaluating your business goals with a new perspective on marketing strategies.

Your business has numerous direct mail marketing services to choose from! A lot of factors come into play, so follow along to see which is best for your business. When looking for direct mail marketing services, it’s important to gauge who your target audience is. This makes a world of difference with ROI and response rate.

Find the right direct mail marketing services for your business in 2020:

Every Door Direct Mail

Every Door Direct Mail is a great way for your business to reach customers in specific neighborhoods. Depending on your message and services, this can be a great option for you. EDDM is a service provided by USPS, which allows businesses to target every door on specific mail routes.

This bulk mailing option is a cost-effective way to reach customers without having any contact information or data about them. Using a mapping tool, you can filter by the age, income level, or household size of the recipients.

EDDM can be great for grand openings, promotions, sales, gifts and more. Think about who can benefit from the services and products your business has to offer.

For example, if your landscaping business wants to reach customers in the area, it could target specific neighborhoods with lawns. You wouldn’t want to choose apartment routes because renters will not be using your services.

This goes back to my point that knowing who you are marketing to is extremely important. There are different sizes you can choose from, depending on the amount of images and text you would like to display.

Welcomemat goes a step further with our EDDM services. We integrate digital services with EDDM by creating a landing page for tracking purposes! This way, you can gain information from recipients of your mailing. Welcomemat also offers call tracking so you can gain phone numbers of people calling about the information conveyed in the mailing.

EDDM can help you build your mailing list and find out what type of people are your main customers. However, if you are wanting to target specific demographics, traditional targeted direct mail might be a better solution for you.

Welcomemat’s Perfect Match Postcard Program

Our targeted direct mail marketing strategy is great for businesses who want to reach specific types of people. It’s important to grow your customer base and build long lasting relationships within the community.

Welcomemat’s Perfect Match Postcards are targeted and trackable to ensure your message reaches the right customers. We use 15+ years of proprietary data to target those who are most likely to be the “perfect” customer to use your products and services.

Our program allows your business to reach consumers who will most likely act on your mailing, meaning you’ll get higher response rates. The postcards are more personalized and contains the mailer’s name.

This shows the recipient that you know who they are and that it’s not sent to the “current resident.” Personalizing the name adds a simple touch that might increase response rate.

Perfect Match Postcards

Depending on your marketing goals, our Perfect Match Program could be a great option for you. If your business has a specific demographic in mind, Welcomemat can help you reach them!

Our program allows you to choose the consumer’s gender, income and age. Our premium selections go a step further by allowing you to choose pet interest, marital status, political party, education level, presence of children and more.

This really allows your business to reach customers who will respond to your mailing. Sending out direct mail to customers who would not utilize your services is a waste of money and will not help you reach your business goals.

Not only are our postcards targeted, but they are trackable. Welcomemat tracks how your postcard is doing by using our patented data tracking technology. With information from detailed reports, you can gain insight on customer demographics.

With Welcomemat’s postcards, you will send a “gift” to potential customers. This can build trust within the community and help leave a lasting impression on consumers. After receiving something for free, customers might come back again and spend more. After all, isn’t the goal to retain customers?


Welcomemat’s New Mover Marketing Program

Our New Mover Marketing Program is perfect for growing your customer base. New movers are looking for convenient, reliable local businesses in the community when they first move. Reach new people in the community before your competitors do with new mover marketing.

Those who market their business in the new mover space see redemption rates higher than the average. For instance, the redemption rates for our clients are anywhere between 8% – 50%. — Much higher than the average direct mail response rate of .5% -1%.

Here’s how our program works. You’ll gain access to new mover mailing list layered with Welcomemat’s proprietary data targeting to reach a fresh set of new movers every month. If your business is looking to grow relationships in the community, this program is a great choice for you. It’s cost-effective and trackable.

Every certificate in our New Mover package is specific to the receiver with a personalized greeting. ROI tracking and tracking of redemption rates are a major benefit of our program.

We also add a second touch by sending a personalized thank you card after the customer redeemed your mailing. This shows the customer that you care and once again allows them to think about your business. It builds trust and credibility with consumers in the neighborhood.

Local businesses must emphasize the loyalty they have within the community. This is a major benefit you can use over major corporate businesses. Maintaining loyal customers should be a main marketing goal for you.

Did you know that new movers are 5X more likely to remain loyal customers to your business than current residents? This is what sets our new mover marketing apart from other direct mail companies.

We can help you build long lasting relationships within the community by reaching the customers before your competitors do. Welcomemat has perfected the timeline of a new mover, and we can help you reach them when they need you most.


What Enhances These Programs?

There are various trends that will continue to grow in 2020. Informed Delivery is newer strategy that can greatly enhance your direct mail marketing. This solution, provided by USPS®, bridges the gap between the digital and print world.

Informed Delivery can be a game changer for direct mail, so it’s an important aspect to think about when creating your mailpiece. Informed Delivery allows subscribers to digitally preview their mail below it arrives in their mailbox.

Users can now view their mail via email notification, online dashboard, or mobile app. Once signed up, they can receive greyscale images of the exterior of incoming letter-size mail-pieces. With the digital world constantly growing, this is a great way to make your direct mail stand out to customers who prefer the digital side of marketing.

Make your business stand out by replacing the black and white image with a color image. Go a step further by providing USPS with a representative or ride-along image in place of the greyscale scan.

You can also add a call-to-action by including a link to any website, social platform or landing page. Therefore, integrating digital marketing and direct mail can provide faster response rates for marketers.

The best part about Informed Delivery? It’s free for both subscribers and mailers! According to USPS, 89% of users are satisfied or very satisfied with Informed Delivery and 93% would recommend it to friends, family, or colleagues.

In other words, a high percentage of users are enjoying this service, and they could be your potential customer! This is such a great way for marketers to mesh their digital and print services.

In conclusion, finding the right direct mail marketing services for your business is extremely important. Welcomemat’s solutions vary depending on your audience and marketing goals.

Let us help you find the best direct mail marketing solution for your needs. Contact us today to get started!

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