Its National Small Business week and we have free tips for you

May 4, 2016

May 4, 2016.

One in three Americans own small businesses in some form or other. Local businesses account for two thirds of all new jobs created across the nation. That’s good enough reason to celebrate your achievements and encourage further development of this spirit.

Since 1963, SBA (U.S. Small Business Association) has started celebrating a whole week every year to recognize the commitment and influence of such small businesses in North America.

This year the week of May 1st to May 7th is National Small Business week and to show our appreciation towards it, we are going to offer one tip for small businesses every day this week.

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Congratulations to all of those small business owners who have taken risks, created jobs and who make our economy strong. Enjoy our tips and be sure to share them or create your own tips and inspire others.

Just to give you a preview of our tips, below is our first tip for you-

Tip #1

Give a gift!

Giving a gift to potential new customers incites the power of reciprocity which is one of the most significant psychological bonds you can develop with a potential long term customer. Bar Rescue’s, John Taffer clearly states that giving a one-time gift is extremely powerful and has the potential to create a loyal customer who is willing to pay full rate each time they come back for many years to come.

So, what’s your tip for small businesses?

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We created this downloadable e-book to give you insights into marketing tools that can be used as part of your localized marketing strategy. ​