Free Local Digital Marketing Resources You Should Be Using

Sep 24, 2020

Most local business owners say the reason they aren’t more active in digital marketing is because they struggle to keep up with the latest trends and options. So, we’ve pinned-down the best free resources you should be using to stay on top and informed of the latest digital updates.

As a local business owner, you’ve got to have a pulse on every part of your business. You don’t often have the luxury to have expert resources or ample time to dedicate to each department of your business. Having a go-to list of resources and advisors is key to time management and stress-free success.

Follow this short-list of our favorite local digital marketing resources and you’ll get the knowledge you need quickly to stay in the know.

1. Duct Tape

We love that Duct Tape’s blog is built specifically for local business owners combining podcast episodes, blog articles, and local marketing guides. There is a wide range of content from general business owner advice to specific marketing advice. They do a great job of coupling best business practices with tangible marketing advice.

2. BrightLocal

SEO is the new word of mouth marketing, putting pressure on local business owners to stay in the know on how to optimize their web presence for organic growth. BrightLocal does a great job of offering local business owners simplified tactics and knowledge that makes SEO feel manageable. By combining news, advice, and ideas they are a one stop shop for local SEO knowledge.

3. Social Media Today

If feels like social media is changing every day and therefore the consumer trends and marketing tactics are as well. Social Media Today sends daily (or weekly) emails with the latest social media news and updates that you need to know to stay on top of the latest changes. By getting a little information everyday it becomes possible to stay updated on the state of social media.

4. HubSpot Resources

HubSpot is one of the biggest marketing content producers on the internet with over 4.6 million monthly readers and multiple articles dropping each day. The company’s resources are vast spanning from marketing advice, data reports, marketing courses, guides, and news. HubSpot is a great resource to visit if you’re looking for more information on a specific topic, because odds are, they’ve covered it.

5. Small Business Trends

Local businesses have different needs than big businesses which is why Small Business Trends built a platform to focus on tangible advice and ideas that will help local businesses grow in their community. In the marketing section of their site they address multiple top priority topics and even have a section specific for local business marketing growth.

6. The Convince & Convert Blog

Jay Baer created this hub for digital marketing trends and updates that he complies into a weekly newsletter to keep you in the know about best practices on digital and social content marketing.  The Convince & Convert Blog promises to deliver the “why & whether” of digital marketing to guide your marketing tactics and keep them fresh and updated.

7. Social Media Examiner

The Social Media Examiner blog is a great resource for social media marketers at all levels. Articles are easy to follow and provide a wide range of topics from beginner knowledge to advanced ideas and perspective. As an added advantage the site has built a community of followers that can connect and work together to grow their knowledge on social media.

At Welcomemat we believe that great local digital marketing doesn’t need to be overwhelming and unattainable! Keep up with this list of great digital marketing bloggers and resources and you’ll have everything you need to keep customers engaged and excited about your business.

Welcomemat is your business’ local marketing resource! We specialize in data driven marketing options that are built specifically for local business growth and success.

Learn more about our company and our local advertising options including: new mover marketing, targeted direct mail, local social media marketing, and local email marketing on our website.

We hope to connect with you soon!

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