Great Local Marketing Ideas for Your Business

Dec 22, 2020

Get a jumpstart on your 2021 local business marketing with these 5 great ideas and tips to make your local store stand out in the community!

Being a local business owner means that you oversee all aspects of your business: the operations, staffing, product selection, finances, marketing, and more. With these responsibilities fighting for attention it’s always going to be difficult to set your priorities. At Welcomemat Services we often find ourselves working with clients that admit, marketing is a priority, but they can’t always find the necessary time to dedicate towards it. Marketing is always going to be important; it’s how you will find new customers and establish your business in the community. Coming up with fresh, exciting, and engaging marketing ideas can be tough and daunting – often getting pushed to the bottom of that priority list. So, we’re here to help! We’ve pulled together a list of 5 great local marketing ideas for you to use in the coming year.


1. Get Involved! Support a Local Cause

recent study found that 87% of consumers said they’d purchase a product from a company because that company advocated for an issue. This study proves that giving back isn’t just great for the community, but it’s also great for business. Giving back doesn’t have to mean donating money – get creative! Maybe you can round up your team for a day of volunteering, or offer a product for customers to purchase that supports a cause, donate an item to a local charity auction, or even try running a contest with your customers and support a cause that is close to their heart. Giving back to the greater community reflects positively on your brand and often creates opportunities to network and get your brand in front of new audiences.

2. Host an Event or Class

Offer your customers an experience at your store. Experiences are the most impressionable way that you can market your business, and it is especially effective for Millennial and Gen Z customers, according to Create a memorable experience where each guest leaves with a material product or gift that will reinforce the memory. Depending on what type of business you own the ideas could range from a pizza making party, to an exclusive shopping experience with a stylist, a group fitness class, or even a tutorial or educational session. Market your event at other stores in the community, coffee shops, on social media, and at your store location. Collaborate with another local business in your community to make the event even more enticing for customers and to increase your audience reach when promoting. Try to offer events on a regular basis so those customers that came and enjoyed can bring more friends next time!

3. Boost Your Social Media Presence

You’ve likely heard this suggestion repeatedly, but that’s because 81% of the population has a social media account. Your audience is on social media and if you want to meet them where they are, you need to be on social media, too. Use social media to request reviews for feedback, run an online content with followers to increase engagement, and post regular updates and specials to promote your products and services. Post regularly, tell good stories, and make sure you include a lot of pictures!

4. Give Gifts to the Kids

Create branded bubbles, toys, or balloons for kids that come into your store. By entertaining the kids, the adults will be able to shop longer, and everyone will enjoy the experience more thoroughly. The kids will be able to take the branded gift home to continue enjoying, and maybe they’ll even ask their parents to come back for more.

5. Start a Client Appreciation Program

The greatest thing about a client appreciation program is that it encourages customer retention through small gifts they’ve earned. Additionally, once the program is set, it will require minimal maintenance and adjustments. There are many ways to do a client appreciate program and you should consider your customer habits and business type before deciding what is best for you. Maybe you’d like to offer a customer of the month spotlight, or a rewards card that provides a gift after a certain number of purchases, a free guest pass for members, or something creative and specific to your business. No matter what you choose, make sure you make it a habit to stick to the program and reward your loyal customers when they’ve earned it.


The key to coming up with fresh, exciting, and engaging marketing ideas is taking the time to get creative. With all the responsibilities that small business owners must juggle, finding time to get creative can be challenging. If you need help, you can always rely on Welcomemat Services for turn-key marketing strategies with new mover marketing and local digital marketing.

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