Hair Salon Marketing Tips

Hair Salon Marketing Tips to Boost Your Online Presence This Year

Marketing a local business may seem like a daunting process with the ever-changing digital landscape. However, utilizing effective marketing strategies can ensure your local salon stays ahead of its competitors.

It’s essential for your salon to build a strong, consistent and impactful digital presence. The following hair salon marketing tips are key to increasing brand loyalty and creating an interactive relationship with online users:

Optimize for SEO

Search Engine Optimization, SEO, can help your salon stand out on a local level. Focusing on your business’ SEO strategy is essential to attract new customers.

Make sure your website is optimized for SEO by using keywords throughout the text. To ensure your salon is found organically, focus on a list of keywords that potential clients might be searching for.

The goal is for your business to come up on Google when customers search for, “salon near me.” It’s hard to bring new customers into your business if they don’t know you exist.

Having your local salon setup on Google My Business and other popular search engines can increase the chances of it being found. Use popular keywords from your website on your Googly My Business descriptions.

According to Moz, Google My Business accounts for 19% of Google ranking performance for local businesses like Salons. This is huge, so make sure to claim your business and get it going on the review site!

Salons Near Me

You should optimize your business information across the board.  Your salon’s services, address and business hours should be written the exact same across all platforms. If not, Google penalizes you for it. For example, if your address has road in it, make sure it’s written the same across all channels.

Anytime you can get your website linked from somewhere else, it increases your chances of being found. So, when you link your website on Facebook, Yelp, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Getting relevant and trusting websites to link your salon is great for SEO. Reach out to local online news sources to have them link your website. This increases the strength of your SEO and the odds of being found by potential customers on Google.

As always, make sure your website is fast, mobile-friendly, and secure.

Manage and Encourage Online Reviews

Online reviews are extremely important in today’s world, especially for small businesses. Reviews can make a huge impact on foot traffic and your brand’s image. Customers take positive and negative reviews into account when searching for businesses, so keep up with your online reputation!

It’s more important for local businesses to keep with their online reviews than larger companies. The reason for this is because corporate companies can rely on their name to bring in customers. Local businesses, such as your salon, truly rely on brand reputation and word of mouth.

According to BrightLocal, 91% of consumers say that positive reviews make them more likely to use a business while 82% of consumers are less likely to use a business after seeing negative reviews.

In other words, customers will use online reviews as a major factor when deciding whether or not to visit a business. It’s important to keep up with the reviews you get on major review sites such as Google My Business, Yelp, TripAdvisor, Facebook, etc.

Your salon should respond to postivie and negative reviews in a timely manner. It increases credibility and shows customers that you appreciate their willingness to give feedback and value their opinion.

Another good way to keep up with your online reviews is to encourage them! You can setup an automated system to send an email or text right after a client leaves their appointment. If they had a great experience and it’s fresh on their mind, they may be more willing to leave a review.

Encouraging online reviews can increase your total score and allow for more customers to come to your salon. You can also encourage reviews on your social media pages. Most people who follow you enjoy your business, so the chances of it being positive are more than likely.

In addition to asking for reviews, post your postivie reviews on social media to showcase great experiences. If consumers see this, they may be more willing to write a review or visit your shop because of it.

Let us know about your experience, we love hearing from you!

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Stand Out on Social Media

Digital trends are constantly changing, so be sure your salon is up-to-date and on board. Visual branding is everything online, especially social channels. Make sure your established brand and tone matches across all of your online platforms.

Brand recognition is great because it allows your clients to think of your salon. Maybe they’ll book another appointment to come in, or they’ll chat with a friend to make a recommendation. Be sure that everything is consistent: your logo, website, staff, tone, social media. Your brand shines light on everything your salon is and what it has to offer.

Showcase the personality of your salon by posting about employees. Having great company culture and a postivie work environment shows. Of course consumers want to see photos and videos of the work your stylists have done, but they also want to see who is sitting behind the chair!

Post content that applies to your target audience. You want your posts to standout with interactive captions. Write fun, on-brand captions that pose a question for clients to voice opinions.

For example, “2020 is finally here! What trendy hairstyles do you think will be popular this year?” Hopefully, customers who enjoy following your salon will comment with their viewpoint.

Ensure to stay on top of holidays, including national holidays surrounding salons/hair. For example, National Hair Day is on October 1. Get involved in the discussion on social channels and create posts about your salon.

Video content is extremely popular right now, especially on Instagram. Be sure to capitalize on this. Create hair tutorials and fun videos of clients and staff in the salon. This showcases your brand, so make it stand out.

Make sure you have great photos that show off your salon and services. Your content on social media must be updated and fresh looking. Your salon must give off a specific mood.

For instance, Welcomemat’s Digital marketing Program offers an on-site photo shoot with the setup of services. This allows us to captivate great photos of your shop, services, products, employees and more.

We hire a professional photographer to come out to you and shoot whenever is best for you. We offer professional photos and top tier designer creation of all social posts within our program.

Establish your brand. When a client signs up for Welcomemat’s Digital Marketing Program they fill out a brand Personality assessment to really gauge who they want to be. Update your profile picture and cover photos to be eye catching and on-brand.

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Use geography to keep up with trends by using hashtags. For example, if your salon is in Atlanta, use #Atlanta to be found by social users. You can also hire an influencer to promote your salon. This nontraditional method of marketing is growing increasingly popular. Social media users with a bigger following can help increase brand awareness and bring more clients into your salon.

An influencer can showcase before and after pictures to generate buzz around the results from your salon. They would of course tag your salon to generate users back to your profile. Be sure to have your website linked on Facebook and Instagram for easy access.

Allow clients to book appointments online

With online technology constantly growing, countless consumers prefer to do things digitally. This might seem like obvious advice, but make sure you allow for your customers to book an appointment online! According to Zenoti data, 70 percent of salon and spa customers prefer online booking over calling in.

You can add online booking to your website. This won’t only save customers time, but your administrative staff from having to answer calls regarding appointments. It’s organized, and allows for customers to be able to view the dates and times available on their own.

Online booking accommodates your busy clients who want to make an appointment easily during their own time. It’s great for people who like to book outside of salon hours.

Allow the consumer to choose the stylist they would like to see. If they are returning customer, this makes it so much easier for them to book something. They know who they see, so it’s very time efficient.

Be sure to have a description of what each stylist does and a little background on them somewhere on your site. This gives new customers options and makes it easier for them to choose the right stylist for them.

If customers book online, make sure to send them an email receipt so they have confirmation of their appointment. This saves even more time for your staff – clients who forgot when they made an appointment won’t have to call, they can reference the email.

You can also set it up to text or email the customer a reminder before their appointment. Make sure your booking and website in general is mobile-friendly. Your business could lose customers if this isn’t the case. Consumers may get annoyed if it’s not optimized for mobile and choose not to book an appointment with you.

Make sure you allow for your customers to book on Facebook too. This platform is extremely important for any local business to keep up with. Digital users may want to book Facebook, so make sure to link whatever website you use for online booking to the button in Facebook that says, “Book Now”

Some other advice regarding booking, put your pricing for your salon services online. There’s no need to be sneaky about the cost of your services, customers will appreciate the transparency. If it’s not online, they may have to call the salon, which again is wasted time for your staff.

Booking Online

Up Your Email Marketing Tactics

With the increase of other digital platforms, it’s important not forget about email. You might think it’s an outdated marketing tactic, but increasing your email list can help you retain customer relationships. It’s just as important to keep customers as it is to bring in new ones.

If a customer signs up for your email list, send them a discount to bring them back. Giving them a percentage off of their next purchase increases brand awareness and will hopefully get them interested in future emails.

It’s also important to send out a monthly newsletter to clients. Make sure your newsletter has engaging and on-brand content. The content should be geared toward your target audience. I suggest using the same template every time that represents your salon and its brand. This way, people will recognize your email and will hopefully read it.

Email increases brand awareness and exposure. Make sure all your content matches across all platforms and represents your brand. You want others to have brand recognition with your salon, so using the right messaging, colors and logos will increase this.

Create an automated email campaign to build that relationship with the customer. Send out a birthday or holiday promotion- customers really love this.

Give your emails a personal touch to increase trust. Send useful material that engages your target audience, don’t just send emails to send them. Therefore, this builds credibility within the community. As business owners, you must think about who your message is geared toward.

Make sure every email you send is personalized to the sender. As a local salon, this shows you value them as a customer and can increase response and redemption rates. According to Campaign Monitor, Emails that contain personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened.

Personalized Email

Emails must also be mobile-friendly. According to Campaign Monitor, email opens on mobile devices grew 30% from 2010 to 2015. This number will only go up as mobile technology continues to evolve. It is essential to create emails that will look good on a mobile device.

If you need help with your email blasts, Welcomemat’s digital team can take care of it for you. Our Digital Marketing Program offers 1-2 emails per month.

Offer Contests and Discounts Across Digital Platforms

Contests are a fun way to increase the engagement on your pages. You could offer a free haircut or a $50 gift card to your salon to increase brand awareness. Establish rules around the giveaway, and showcase the winner on social media. For example, you could list the rules as such, “Share this post, like us on Facebook, and tag a friend”

This can increase your following on social media and get the word out about your salon. If one customer who follows you shares it, now all of his or her friends in the area can see the post. If interested, they may share it too and so on.

This is a great incentive for consumers to visit to your salon. You can also encourage new customers to like your social channels. Tell them in person or send an email or text after their first visit. Explain that if they like your Facebook page, they can receive 15% off their next visit.

Offering sales online to existing or potential customers may give them to push they need to visit your salon. Some consumers may be in need of getting their hair done, but keep pushing it off. Giving a discount gives them incentive to act on it and make an appointment.

You can offer monthly specials to get people in the door. You can showcase this on your website, social media, and the emails you send out. Switch it up every month or every so often to generate buzz around the special. Promoting specials around the holiday is also a great idea. The holidays are an extremely busy time for salons as everyone wants to look good during this time of year.

For example, you can offer a percentage off of the total or a haircut, or a free high scale product with a color treatment. You can also run a first-time client special! This is a great way to bring in new customers, so be sure to make it engaging.

You can utilize Facebook ads to help your business reach potential customers. Utilizing ads allows for your budget to be dispersed to your target audience, which can increase the amount of consumers who respond to the ad.

Your target audience is important, so really think about what type of person would utilize your salon services. If your salon caters more toward women, make sure you select only women in the ad campaign.

You can also segment the audience by age, area, income, etc. Create graphics and messaging that will grab the attention of these people. After all, an ad is just an interruption of their Facebook or Instagram timeline. You must make your call to action strong enough for people to come in and use the offer.

If you’re a salon owner in need of marketing help, contact Welcomemat to increase your online presence this year!