Hot Salon Marketing Trends for 2018

The days of organic word of mouth marketing are over– Check out the 3 hottest tips to get your local salon noticed in your community with these great salon marketing strategies.

With 15 years of salon marketing experience under our belt, nothing makes us at Welcomemat Services cringe more than hearing that your only marketing strategy is word-of-mouth marketing. In 2018 it’s just simply not enough to rely on happy clients to spread the word to all of their friends and fill your books quickly. If you want to establish your salon as a hotspot in your community, it all starts with brand positioning and exposure. We’ve pulled together the trendiest marketing tips of 2018 and narrowed the list down to the top 3 you should focus on now.

Showcase your product offerings

The products that you offer tell a story about your brand and business. Today’s consumer is huge on organic, eco-friendly, and holistic approaches to wellbeing and beauty. Offering organic beauty products correlates to positive wellbeing in the consumer’s mind and makes them feel good about their beauty routine. Showcase the products that you offer, and you will tell consumers a lot about your brand, mission, and purpose before they even come into the salon.

Showcasing your products is easy too! Contact your product distributor and ask them for any high-quality images and branding/marketing materials that they can give you. Keep brochures on your front desk, add images and logos to your website, and share the products and benefits on your social media pages.

Tutorials and Video

Content is Key! You’ve heard it a million times, but the truth is that good salon marketing content can skyrocket your creditability and bad content can lose you clients. With the breakout of beauty vloggers on YouTube came the consumer’s expectation that good beauty experts have good (free) tutorials. The need to showcase your skills and establish yourself as an industry expert is higher than ever.

Try making a commitment to creating one beauty tutorial a week. Share it on Instagram Stories, Facebook Live, YouTube, Email, etc. and track what is most engaging with your audience. If you stay consistent and provide good content, tutorials will be a highly effective salon marketing tactic for your business. If you’re looking for inspiration to get your vlog started, check out this great list from Revelist on the top beauty YouTubers to follow in 2018.

Instagram Marketing

While Facebook remains the largest social media channel it’s not always the best for every audience. Because of the emphasis on beautifully styled images in the Instagram platform, it is quickly emerging as the top salon social media platform for engagement.

Building social media marketing into your daily routine is the best way to create consistency and get the most out of the platform.  Try using both Instagram stories and Instagram posts to get the most reach on your profile. Use Instagram as a channel to showcase your product offerings and share your tutorial and video content as discussed above. For more ideas and advice from other salon owners check out this great article by

Don’t let marketing your salon feel like a chore, instead see it as an opportunity to showcase your brand and express your artistic style. You will attract clients that can connect with you, your style, and your brand. If you’re looking for more Salon Marketing Advice, check out Welcomemat’s latest eBook customized to salon marketing best practices.