How to advertise your business? Marketing ideas for small business owners

Jan 17, 2017

4 SEO tips for small business owners.

By Max Patel, January 17, 2017.

There are many small neighborhood businesses across the country that have taken a leap of faith in opening their own business. There are local restaurants, mom and pop bakeries, hardware stores, single franchise local salons, multiple franchise barber shops, and many more that are competing for customers’ attention every day. Fighting to make a loyal customer.

These small business owners have neither the budget of big corporate chains nor the marketing resources of corporate owned but franchisee operated national businesses on their side.

In such a situation, one might ask: how can small business owners compete against the big brands with their big marketing budgets?

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There are many small business resources that are available to today’s small business owner which, if used correctly, can put his local business in front of more eyeballs than any other multi-million-dollar campaign.

It’s now crucial for small businesses to develop a small business marketing strategy that will not only spread awareness for the brand but will also get more people on their website.

It is also important, however, to build a framework of proven marketing techniques around your small business to ensure success & business growth.

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How to advertise your business?

One such free small business tool that you can exploit is SEO.

Read what SEO means, how a powerful SEO push can rank your website and business higher on search engines, and why that results in more people knowing about your business and website.

SEO for small businesses can be challenging at times but, if done right, it will reward you in a way that no expensive marketing campaign can.

In this blog post, we will look at the top 4 SEO tips for small businesses.


Build an SEO plan first.

Who will amp up your SEO efforts? Will you be hiring a pro or doing it yourself? If you are doing it yourself, there are thousands of popular videos online that can teach you how to master SEO tactics.

Once you make that decision, make a list of your business’s online profiles, including your website, social media pages, local search directories, and so on.

Now, with this list, identify your current weaknesses and infuse SEO tactics into your existing marketing platforms. Technology for small business owners can make a big difference with just a small investment.


Optimize and update regularly.

Scroll around small business directories like Google My Business and Yahoo Local. Make sure your small business listings are up to date and drive customer traffic to the right place, like your website, the correct directions to your store, or an updated business phone number.  Ensuring that your small business listings are accurate and easy to find is one of the most important marketing strategies for small business owners in an instant-gratification digital age. Use a free service like Manta to check if your listings are up to date.

Also, it’s important that your business website displays correctly on a mobile phone.

In today’s day and age, 60% of all online web traffic comes from a mobile device. Optimize your website and social pages for mobile display to keep visitors on your page.


Build an atmosphere of customer trust.

The power of SEO doubles when you have an atmosphere of trust around your online existence. Having an active blog full of top industry keywords will help drive new customers to your website. Encouraging customer testimonials and reviews about your product or service will help your small business build customer loyalty and trust to solidify returning business and increase the likelihood of attracting more.


Harness the power of back links.

Never underestimate the power of backlinks and relevant content links outside of your page. You can link other pages to your website content (in a blog, for example) as long as it is relevant and will add some value to the reader. This is a great way to build effective SEO content for small businesses.


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