How Your Business Can Capitalize on March Madness

Mar 19, 2021

The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament draws almost as many viewers each year as the Super Bowl. With most of the country’s sports fans glued to the tv during the tournament, March Madness presents a huge opportunity for businesses to attract more customers.

Make the most of the month by using some of our March Madness marketing tips!

Host a bracket contest

Thousands of people look forward to filling out their bracket each March. Even those that aren’t fans of basketball fill out brackets for a chance to win a prize or simply bragging rights! One way for your business to join in on the fun is to host a bracket contest and giveaway. Invite customers in to fill out a bracket and offer a jersey or themed gift to the winner of the contest. This will drive traffic to your business and forge an authentic interaction between the staff and the customer! It will get new customers in the door and inevitably introduce your brand to them in a fun and creative way.

Support local teams

With 68 teams in the running, there is bound to be a team in your area that your business can choose to support. By supporting the local team, it will attract those fans to come watch their teams’ games around like fans. Put some flags out front and make it clear that you are celebrating alongside the fans in your community. Decorate the inside of your business with coordinating streamers or balloons to create a fun, themed atmosphere. This will entice fans to sit down and stay awhile while watching their favorite teams (win or lose).

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Offer a March Madness Promotion

As a restaurant, put together a few food and drink specials that will entice customers to watch at your restaurant and not your competitor’s. A simple special on beer or a burger can go a long way. You can get even more creative and give the specials a catchy name or run certain specials during certain games. If you don’t own a restaurant, there are plenty of other ways to capitalize on March Madness. If you’re a retailer, you can run a “March Markdown Madness” sale or discount as well. Make sure to research the legal repercussions surrounding the tournament to keep your business out of hot water!

Utilize social media

Whether you decide to put out balloons or serve $3 cocktails, how do you get the word out about all of these great March Madness marketing ideas? Utilize social media. Let followers and customers know about your bracket challenge and the prizes that you are offering by posting on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Tie in a few stories on Instagram and maybe even do a Facebook or Instagram Live video of your employees filling out their brackets. Show your support for your local team by posting on social media and encourage followers to engage with your posts by asking them to comment their favorite team or player. Keep your customers updated with what games you are showing and what specials you are running as often as possible. Social media gives your business an open line of communication with customers 24/7- use it to your advantage.

No matter who wins the “Big Dance” this year, if your business applies one or all of these March Madness marketing tips, it’s sure to be a slam dunk for sales!

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