How to Get New Customers

Oct 17, 2020

Start by becoming someone’s favorite local business in the neighborhood with new mover marketing as a customer acquisition strategy.

Remember the time you moved into a new neighborhood?

There are literally hundreds of local businesses that you had to choose from—some 5 pizza restaurants, 4 bakeries, and a few salons, all within walking distance.

While it is good to be spoilt for choices, customers crave a favorite local business to be their go-to choice. Read our blog about how you can make your customers your fans.

In a time when local businesses are fighting with each other to retain customer loyalty, Welcomemat has identified a way for local businesses to become someone’s favorite local business:

  • Be the first to welcome new families and individuals moving to the neighborhood and build strong customer loyalty.
  • Exclusivity: Be the only local business in your industry that welcomes them personally using the power of new mover advertising as a marketing strategy for your local business.

Did you know?

New movers are five times more likely than established residents to become loyal customers. If you reach out to them at the right time (when they move and aren’t familiar with area offerings) you’ll earn the title of their favorite local restaurant. Imagine the credibility you’ve built with just a “welcome”!

See our list of the businesses new movers search for most. 

Use this marketing technique for your local business today and promote your local salon, car wash, pizzeria, or bakery by welcoming new movers to the neighborhood every month.

This way, you are not only increasing customer traffic to your local store but also making a bond that can form the foundation of a lifelong business relationship.

Talk to us today to gain insights about your neighborhood and how many new movers you can welcome exclusively to your neighborhood every month using Welcomemat’s new mover marketing program.

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