How to get the first time customers back?

By Max Patel, April 27, 2016.

Let us admit that with so many options in today’s market-place and more so just a click away, it is becoming increasing difficult for local businesses to ward off the special attention given to customers by larger corporations backed by heavy duty advertising dollars.

The question most local businesses ask themselves is “How do I keep my customers engaged even if I do not have a lot of money to spend on marketing/advertising?” Also with so many options and marketing tools available, what if there was just a simple wish list I could follow. But I just wish there was a simple checklist that I could follow to keep my customers with me.

Below is an effective checklist that will help you define the way you look at your customer retention and help you in customer engagement:

1) Personalize their experience, every time:

Right from the first step they took to enter your store you need to build your welcoming personality and make them feel wanted.

2) Ask for a Feedback-

Ask all your first time customers about their experience and try to gather as much feedback as possible.

3) Keep them informed-

Record their information and send them occasional newsletters, promotions, content – just reasons to keep you at the top of their mind.

4) Host a party/Event-

There is no bigger attraction to customer loyalty than coming across as a business who connects with the local community/neighborhood. Welcome people with open arms and host occasional events to invite the first timers again.

5)  Identify the locals-

Residents around your business, new movers in your neighborhood are some of the easiest first time customers who will be most likely to return to your store provided you made a good first impression.

6) Welcome to the neighborhood

This is the broad message that needs to be reflected from the first point of contact, to the service, to the follow up.

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About the author:

Max PatelMax Patel is our communications manager & helps the marketing team build campaigns & programs for business owners to get new loyal customers.