How to Use Welcomemat’s Marketing Technology

Jun 10, 2021

A behind the scenes look at the data and technology that goes into every Welcomemat direct mailer and how you can take full advantage of your data.

As a marketing company focused in local markets, we often get asked questions like, ‘How does Welcomemat target locally?’ and ‘What can I do with Welcomemat’s data reports?’ We love these questions, quite frankly, because we have good answers! In this blog were going to take you behind the scenes at Welcomemat for a peak into the locally focused technology that sets us apart from other direct marketing companies and brings great results to every local market.

We’ve built our direct mail marketing business platform around the belief that local businesses should have access to the technology, data, and tools that allow national brands to grow and scale. And while Welcomemat started with a simple concept – data driven marketing with a local focus – the technology behind our marketing platforms is our real differentiator.

How does Welcomemat target locally?

Local Footprint

It’s important to understand that the Welcomemat business structure is made up of local Welcomemat representatives in local markets across the country. As a Franchise brand, we’re built on a solid foundation of marketing experts that own their Welcomemat business in their local market. This structure ensures that each Welcomemat location truly understands the local market and consumer base, allowing us to provide local business owners with the best marketing advice and solutions for their area.

Local Data

Welcomemat uses data models that are specifically built to segment marketing trends within zip codes. With the ability to look at one zip code at a time we can provide the most accurate marketing advice and data for your business’ location.

One of the major advantages of the Welcomemat New Mover Marketing Program is our thoroughly vetted new mover data list. Some business owners aren’t aware that it’s not possible to purchase a USPS mailing list with new mover data. Building a list involves overlaying and cross-vetting multiple sources. At Welcomemat, our proprietary new mover list uses 65+ data points to ensure we’re targeting the best list for your marketing efforts. To learn more about why new movers are such a high value audience, check this data out.

The Welcomemat Perfect Match Postcard Program gives your business access to our proprietary data models layered with big data sources that a small business would not typically have access too. With our 15 years of redemption data -both in your industry and in your local market – we can custom build the best audience to target your ‘perfect match’ customer base in your local community.

What can I do with Welcomemat’s data reports?

Patented 2D Barcodes

In order to provide our clients with specific redemption data Welcomemat has developed a 2-dimensional barcoding system. Each mailer in our new resident marketing program contains its own unique barcode that captures demographic information specific to that household. We know proving ROI is pivotal to all marketing efforts and our data reports provide you with a transparent snapshot of the program’s results every month.

Remarketing and Retention

Because our technology tracks who redeems your Welcomemat certificates, it becomes a valuable resource for future marketing touchpoints and retention. Knowing that a user has redeemed their Welcomemat means two things: that this consumer responds to direct mail and that they engaged with your business recently. We’ve taken that information and built an automated secondary marketing touchpoint into our program to thank these customers for their visit and create a positive brand moment after their visit. Each month we update your data report with all of the new demographic data, allowing you to continue your remarketing efforts and to track the long-term ROI of the program.

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