Ipads, tablets and overwhelming mobile delivery options for restaurants

By Brian Mattingly, May 2, 2016.

I dropped into my favorite local deli-restaurant this morning to grab a quick coffee. As I checked out at the register, I noticed four tablets lined up along the backside of the counter.

I asked the cashier what they were all for. Her reply, “those are all of our delivery services – see, this one is Uber Eats, this one is Door Dash, then there is Zifty, and Grubhub.”

 As a restaurant owner, mobile delivery services and apps are options that have to be considered. With the rise of so many new mobile online ordering platforms, it’s almost easier to just sign up for them all instead of trying to decide which one might be the best for a specific restaurant.

The downside of the mobile delivery could be the impact on quality of product by the time it gets to the consumer.

As with anything in the competitive space of restaurants, trying to gain an edge over the competition is essential – and having mobile ordering could be an advantage or maybe even a necessity at some point.

One force that can challenge a restaurants ability to gain a competitive advantage with a mobile ordering platform is that you are listed right there with all of your competitors.  The buzz around these systems has made almost all restauranteurs jump to these platforms and sign up – so what’s the competitive advantage?

I looked in my area and there were 345 restaurant options on one of the mobile delivery apps. This delivery brand touted over 40,000 restaurants participating restaurants across the nation.

How can a restaurant stand out on these apps? I believe it is probably on the restaurant to push mobile delivery options to their already loyal customer base to encourage more frequency of spend through this added option of mobile delivery. That could be one way.

While it appears mobile delivery is a hot trend, it is still important for restaurants to think outside of the box when it comes to standing out and gaining new customers.

As I left the deli-restaurant and their four delivery tablets that morning with my fresh coffee, I was thinking how important exclusivity can be to a restaurant. What if this deli was the only deli allowed in the “deli” category in my area for mobile delivery through an app. That would be a worthy competitive advantage.

For 13 years, Welcomemat has believed in allowing our clients to have exclusivity in their specific restaurant category – for example we only put one Fast Casual Mexican Restaurant in our package – blocking the participating restaurants competition. Now, more than ever, I realize how powerful this idea has been for our customers and I am happy that we continue to offer an opportunity for them to outsmart their competition.

About the author:

Brian Mattingly

Brian is our Founder & CEO and is passionate about helping businesses get a head start on their new mover marketing strategies.